Elites are Buying Buying Underground Private Bunkers

Ever since COVID-19 came into the world, the world’s richest people have started to purchase underground bunkers all across the world.

Lawyers, CEOs, and Hollywood celebrities are spending millions of dollars on underground bunkers. These bunkers include luxury items like movie theaters, bowling alleys, and swimming pools.

Most of the wealthy billionaires are not so much concerned with an asteroid hitting the earth; instead, they are more scared there will be complete chaos that erupts from people tired of taking commands from their governments.

Some are also concerned about a possible nuclear war in the near future.

Details About the Underground Bunkers

Bunker owners’ main idea for obtaining a bunker is so their families can be protected, no matter what the circumstances are.

While the people in the south are stuck with simple storm shutters and residents of the north are stuck with subway systems that flood, the wealthy elite are building literal castles underground to protect their families.

Most of the rooms inside of the luxurious bunkers contain secret escape routes. A company in Texas stated its business saw an over 2,000% increase in sales during 2020 alone.

Mark Zuckerberg Builds a Bunker

On Mark Zuckerberg’s $7 million dollar property in Palo Alto, the CEO of Facebook is building a huge bunker and several other smaller homes on his property. Zuckerberg also bought a large number of homes that surround his property too.

Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel, who is infamous for saying he likes to use young people’s blood for transfusions, bought a bunker in New Zealand. Thiel has over 400 acres now in New Zealand; many of the locals there didn’t agree with the large land purchases, though.

Musk Plans to Colonize Mars

Elon Musk, who sent several people into space through his space company Space X, is also looking to colonize Mars. We all know if Mars does get colonized, only the wealthy few will be able to access it.

We can all pretend Musk is planning to save the world, but the reality is Space X is a business and Musk is planning to make money.

A seat on the Space X rocket is close to $500,000; so that means to have some property or a place of refuge on Mars will cost a lot of money.

It may sound impossible but currently, Space X signed several deals with NASA (which, at this point in time, is coming in second to Space X, regarding space exploration and reducing the cost to get there).

Maybe being extremely wealthy isn’t such a great idea, after all, considering half the millionaires are living in fear and preparing for civil unrest or natural disasters that have yet to show any signs of coming at all.