Elon Musk Says He’s Not Perverted Enough To Be On CNN

Elon Musk made headlines again and as usual he’s slammed the corporate media. The CEO of Tesla in his newest interview with the Babylon Bee stated that the reason why he doesn’t go on CNN and do interview with them is because he’s not “perverted enough”.

Musk’s comments were in reference to the recent CNN producer who was arrested for sexually assaulting a child and enticing other young girls to have sexual encounters with him. The Babylon Bee is a satirical website and they host a podcast too.

Watch the moment Musk said it right here:

CNN Has Been Exposed This Last Month

CNN woes started when anchor Jeffery Toobin was caught on a live Zoom conference call masturbating. The network suspended him but then shockingly allowed him back on the air. Then Chris Cuomo was fired for allegedly covering u his brother’s sexual harassment allegations but this last month things have gotten even more devilish.

CNN long time producer John Hriffin was arrested for flying out a mother and her daughter in order to “sex train” the mother’s daughter. A police investigation revealed that Griffin flew out Heather Carriker and her adoptive daughter to the state of Massachusetts. Once there Griffin performed BDSM sexual activities with the mother which involved the daughter. After these sadistic events occurred, Griffin worked for another 17 months after that with CNN.

That’s not all though,  another CNN producer was recenty exposed by Project Veritas. James O’Keefe with Project Veritas interviewed a mother who stated that CNN producer Rick Saleeby would make sickening comments about her daughter and Saleeby’s girlfriend’s daughter. Saleeby even went as far as texting the mother that he wanted to force a minor to have oral sex with him. Salleby was the producer for Jake Tapper’s show.

More Details On Musk’s Interview With The Babylon Bee

Musk also called out the far-left for using wokeness to cancel comedy. The CEO of Tesla stated that the woke crowd is trying to make comedy politically correct is not cool. He said if this trend continues then we will be living in a humorless society.

He also mentioned how Dave Chapelle is being cancelled over his jokes about the LGBTQ. Chapelle publicly stated that it’s very strange that the far-left will laugh about jokes when he makes fun of black and white men but when he tells jokes about the LGBTQ community their all of the sudden off limits.

After Chapelle released his special that had several LGBTQ jokes in it, radical leftists protested outside of the Netflix headquarters asking the platform to remove all of Chapelle’s content. However the CEO of Tesla did take heed to their commands and allowed Chapelle’s special to stay live on Netflix.