ESPN Analyst Speaks Against COVID-19 After Being Forced to Get Vaccinated

ESPN analyst Sage Steele opened up regarding her opinion on ESPN’s vaccine mandate; this mandate requires all employees to get vaccinated or else be faced with losing their jobs.

Steele, while on Jay Cutler’s podcast, called ESPN’s vaccine mandate completely “sick” and “scary.”

According to The Hill, Steele told Cutler she never wanted to be vaccinated, but she works for a company that will fire its employees if they refuse to get the jab. ESPN just so happens to be owned by Disney, which ordered all employees to be vaccinated by a September 30th deadline.

This isn’t the first time Sage Steele has spoken out against the vaccine; just last week, she posted a picture showing how many Chicago children were killed in the streets by gang violence, compared to how many children were killed by COVID-19.

The picture revealed 302 children were victims of gang violence in Chicago, compared to 214 children dying of COVID-19.

NBA Players Now Speaking Out Against the Jab Too

Several NBA stars are now starting to be vocal regarding the distrust of the COVID-19 vaccine. One of those stars is Bradley Beal, who plays for the Washington Wizards.

Beal, during a press conference, stated he wasn’t vaccinated; he then went on to ask the reporters why people who are vaccinated are still getting COVID-19. He continued by saying it only reduces your chances of going to the hospital, not contracting COVID-19.

Another NBA star who talked against being vaccinated is Johnathan Isaacs, who plays for the Orlando Magic. Isaacs, who is known for not hiding his faith in Jesus Christ, announced during media day that he is proudly unvaccinated. He later sent out a tweet that reads it’s his God-given right to refuse getting vaccinated.

The NBA Denied Andrew Wiggins’ Religious Exemption

Former number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins, who plays for the Golden State Warriors, recently had his religious exemption request to forego getting vaccinated denied.

Wiggins could potentially miss all of his home games with the Golden State Warriors, due to being unvaccinated. San Francisco (where the Warriors now play) also declared a mandate that requires everyone who attends large sporting events to be vaccinated.

Kyrie Irving, a Point Guard for the Brooklyn Nets, is also in danger of missing all of his home games, due to his vaccination status. New York currently has a mandate that requires all persons attending large athletic events to be vaccinated. They also have to be able to show proof of their vaccination status.

Honestly, it is refreshing to see the sports world start to push back against the Democrat machine; this is a machine that has been using them as pawns for the last couple of years.