Graphic Video Shows Taliban Hanging Afghan Citizen From U.S. Blackhawk Helicopter

An extremely graphic video is being shared on Twitter that shows a presumed Afghan interpreter hanging from a U.S. Blackhawk helicopter left behind in Afghanistan.

The video appeared just a few hours after the last U.S. service member left Afghanistan; it’s believed the Taliban committed this heinous act to show America and the people of Afghanistan who is now in control of the country.

The video shows the helicopter flying above the city of Kandahar with a long rope attached to the bottom of it; swinging from this rope is a man believed to be a former interpreter for the United States military.

Thus far, it hasn’t been confirmed yet who was hanging from the helicopter. Here’s the video below; before laying your eyes on this video, I must warn you, the video is extremely graphic:

How can anyone say the withdrawal was “successful” or that we “won” the war in Afghanistan? A terrorist regime is now ruling the country and even using U.S. taxpayer-funded military equipment to commit human rights violations.

A report by the Independent claimed the official Taliban Twitter page originally shared the video with the caption “Our Airforce!”.

Another Video Surfaced Showing the Taliban Taking Over More Helicopters

A video recorded by a LA Times reporter shows a group of Taliban militants wearing U.S. military uniforms; they were also equipped with night-vision goggles and other equipment that was left behind in Afghanistan.

The video gets a lot worse though. As the journalist continues to record, it shows the group of Taliban soldiers walking inside the formerly U.S. military-controlled portion of the Kabul airport.

If you’re wondering why the Taliban is allowing the journalist to film them, it’s because the Taliban enjoys mocking America. As of right now, it’s been reported the Taliban seized over $85 billion dollars worth of military equipment.

They are also now in control of more Blackhawk helicopters than 85% of the world. The Taliban has seized biometric devices and eye scanning technology which holds data for thousands of Afghan citizens who helped U.S. forces during their 20-year stay in Afghanistan.

Taliban Claiming Victory Over the U.S.

Despite the United States withdrawing from Afghanistan, the Taliban’s official Twitter accounts are acting as if they defeated our military. In one post, they shared a picture of the Taliban founder’s mud house compared to the White House; the caption read that the Taliban defeated four U.S. presidents: Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden.

The account went on to post various photos of Taliban soldiers celebrating their “independence” from the United States. The Taliban needs to get one thing straight. They never defeated the United States of America, but sadly, they did issue defeat to the feckless Biden administration.