FACEBOOK Gets Hacked, Causes 1.5 Billion People’s Personal Data to be At Risk

Facebook went dark yesterday. Multiple reports have surfaced that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were all taken down, due to an alleged DNS (Domain Name Server) issue. The sites all turned black and no user could have any access to their accounts at all.

The blackout just didn’t give people a minor inconvenience, either; it’s been reported by Bloomberg that over 1.5 billion people’s personal information has now been stolen.

Additional reports say this stolen personal data will more than likely be sold on the black market. This will lead to millions of people’s identities being stolen and bank accounts drained.

More Details on the Hack

Many believe Anonymous was behind the attack; others believe it was a unfortunate error by a programmer working at Facebook.

More than likely, Facebook will play it off as if it were an error on their end; that way, they won’t be responsible for billions of people’s personal information being stolen at a moment’s notice.

Not everybody thinks Anonymous is behind the attack; some believe the attack came from Chinese hackers. What is confirmed is that Facebook’s DNS was down.

Since Facebook’s DNS was down, it caused computers and phones around the world to become unable to access the host server of Facebook. Multiple Facebook employees also reported Facebook’s headquarters itself were also breached.

Moreover, several employees stated they were unable to have access to certain rooms because their badges no longer worked.

What Could’ve Hackers Gained?

According to Hacked, there is Facebook users’ information already uploaded on the dark web. The data includes names, emails, locations, genders, phone numbers, user IDs, and other valuable information.

Usually, hackers will sell personal information in bundles; for example, there’s a listing on the dark web now that is attempting to sell over one million Facebook users’ information for $5,000.

Not only are Facebook users suffering the consequences of the security breach, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly lost $7 billion dollars, due to Facebook’s stock going down in the last 24 hours.

The World is Now Feeling What President Trump Felt

While liberals on Facebook and Instagram cried they were locked out of their Facebook accounts for just a few hours, they felt what it was like for President Trump to be kicked off social media. Except, Trump’s ban didn’t just last a few hours, but it will last the rest of his life.

So while the far-left is advocating for mass censorship against conservatives, they have to keep in mind there will unfortunately be a day when the entire world is censored, due to authoritarian governments turning on internet kill switches.

Just look at the country of Myanmar; their phone and internet services are owned by the military and they cut them off whenever they are about to commit atrocities.