Fauci Reportedly Approved Funding for Sadistic Experiment Torturing Beagle Puppies

Republicans and Democrats are actually agreeing on something. This comes after NIH documents obtained by the White Coat Project reveal Fauci’s NIH division granted a lab in Tunisia $375,800.

The sadistic part about the grant is the money was used to place mesh nets around beagle’s heads and fill the nets with sand flies. The sand flies would then reportedly eat the puppies face while they were still alive, which would then lead to their deaths.

The horror doesn’t stop there, though. The Hill reported the sadistic experiments didn’t just happen in Tunisia; they happened right in the U.S. as well.

The abusive treatment of the beagles in America consisted of cutting out their vocal cords, force feeding the dogs harmful drugs, and proceeding to to dissect them.

More Details Behind the Sickening Discovery

Fauci (who is the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases) reportedly approved over $1.68 million in experiments. These experiments involved the torturing of beagles using infectious sand flies; this happened in order to collect the dead puppies’ blood samples which would then be studied by scientists.

The University of Georgia (whose mascot is ironically a Bull Dog) received $424,455 from the NIH. They used the large sum of cash to infect 28 beagles with parasites. Experiments also occurred at the NIH headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, and at SRI International in Menlo Park, California.

Environmental rights activists have been relatively quiet, due to the fact the funding was approved by the left’s hero, Dr. Fauci. However, animal rights activists and organizations such as PETA have been very vocal.

They went on record saying Fauci’s boss, NIH Director Francis Collins, should be fired. However, PETA didn’t call out Fauci himself, which goes to show the establishment will protect Fauci at all costs.

Democrats and Republicans Speaking Out Against Fauci and the NIH

A group of bipartisan lawmakers have written a letter to Dr. Fauci that demands answers on why U.S. taxpayer dollars were funding completely inhumane projects. Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina is leading the charge; behind her are 23 other lawmakers.

Eight of those 23 lawmakers are Democrats, which is quite surprising, considering Democrats have turned their eyes away from Fauci’s previous scandals. Some of these scandals regarded funding EcoHealth, which in return funded gain-of-function research.

The NIH has not only been funding gain-of-function research in China and torturing beagles in Africa and the United States. Watchdogs also discovered the NIH funded the University of Pittsburg’s medical program to harvest organs from aborted babies.

In several cases, the babies were birthed and then after they exited the womb, they were taken into a room where their organs were harvested. Scientists are conducting experiments not just on beagles, but also on babies too. However, lawmakers aren’t speaking out against that.