Fauci Warns Against Kissing for the New Year

If you were just placed into American society without any other background knowledge of the United States, more than likely, you would assume Dr. Fauci is the leader of the free world.

Fauci, who is the chief medical advisor to Biden, in his latest television appearance, stated Americans should not hug or kiss during New Year’s.

As most of you know, the iconic “New Year” kiss during the New Year’s countdown in NYC has been a tradition, but Fauci wants to put an end to that.

He also warned against going to any party that exceeds over 40 people and instead suggested going to a small gathering of only boosted individuals. A booster New Year’s Eve party sounds like a place nobody but the far left would enjoy.

It’s almost as if Fauci is creating a caste system of boosted, vaccinated, and unvaccinated individuals. I guess, for Fauci, even vaccinated people are second-class citizens and boosted individuals are now the new gold standard.

Fauci Makes an Announcement About Omicron

Earlier in the year, there were several internet memes that depicted people getting vaccinated up to four, five, or even six times and yet still getting COVID-19 anyway; now, those internet memes are coming to life.

Fauci, on Wednesday, announced it will be a good idea to get a fourth shot to fight against the omicron variant.

Fauci, however, also stated scientists still need to do more research on the third jab in order to decide whether a fourth jab will be necessary to combat the omicron strain.

Trump’s Take on Booster Jabs

Trump has been bragging about his layout plan of Operation Warp Speed, which brought the COVID-19 vaccines out on the main stage in record timing.

However, Trump has also been flip-flopping on vaccines. In his early days in office and on the campaign trail, Trump warned against taking vaccines, but when COVID-19 came, he gave the vaccines his endorsement.

During Trump’s Alabama rally, he even suggested his supporters get vaccinated and in return, the crowd booed him, which was a first. It’s unclear who is whispering in Trump’s ear about vaccines.

However, he should fire any advisor who is allowing him to praise vaccines immediately because it’s completely destroying his legacy. The decision by Trump to boastfully take credit for the vaccine layout has many of his supporters concerned.

Many are even protecting Trump for making this decision, but to Trump’s defense, at least he never created any mandates. He always allowed Americans to have a choice of whether or not to get vaccinated.

The 45th president also slammed Pfizer’s CEO for coming up with a booster shot. Trump stated, at this point, COVID-19 vaccines have become a money-making operation.