FBI Raids Democrat City Council Members’ Homes in Corruption Probe

Democrat politicians seem to constantly stay in the news cycle and not for any good reasons either. The Hill has just reported that Democrat members of Detroit’s city council have just gotten their homes raided by the FBI. The FBI also conducted a raid of City Hall in response to their ongoing probe of eliminating corruption in the city.

Democrat Council Members Janeé Ayers and Scott Benson’s homes were raided, but as of right now, there are no charges against them. When the FBI was asked why they initiated a raid on the two council members and the City Hall, an FBI spokesperson went on record saying that the city of Detroit deserves to be free from corruption.

The raid comes just one month after another Democrat council member, Andre Spivey, was arrested for allegedly accepting a $35,000 bribe. According to court records, he’s now out on bond.

Another Democrat Lawmaker Arrested for DWI in April

In late April, Michigan state lawmaker Jewell Jones was arrested for drinking while intoxicated. According to multiple reports and dashcam footage of Jewell’s arrest, the Democrat was heard saying during his arrest “call Gretch.”

The “Gretch” he was referring to was Governor Gretchen Whitmer; this just goes to show when Democrats are in hot water, they go screaming to the person that is in a higher position than them to bail them out.

Jewell’s mishaps don’t end there, though; in late July, the Democrat state lawmaker released his campaign finances. It was recorded that Jewell spent $221 of campaign funds at a strip club. Michigan voters need to open up their eyes because it appears everyone they put in office ends up being corrupt.

Michigan Isn’t the Only State with Corrupt Democrat Politicians

In California, a Democrat council member by the name of Isaac Galvan was charged for committing election fraud; this happened after he allegedly attempted to bribe a registrar employee on election night.

Since being charged with committing election fraud, Galvan has not resigned. He will try to ride out the controversy, just like most Democrats do; just look at Bill Clinton. The corruption doesn’t end here, though; in the state of Arizona, a Democrat lawmaker was arrested in August for allegedly molesting a young boy.

State representative Tony Navarrete was accused of sexually assaulting a little boy by putting his hands and mouth on the little boy’s genitals. Navarrete has since resigned from his position but has been released on bail.

It’s bizarre that Navarrete was released on bail, considering the police had a recording of Navarrete apologizing for sexually assaulting his victim. Then again, it’s not too surprising because as you read earlier, if you’re a Democrat, it appears you’re above the law.