FDA Votes 16-2 Against COVID Booster Shots for Everyone

A FDA advisory panel has finally started to push back against the Biden administration and the CDC. In a 16-2 decision, an FDA advisory panel has officially decided to not recommend everyone to get third jab.

The vote by the advisory panel was a knock to the Biden administration. Last month, without FDA approval, the White House (along with the CDC) started encoring Americans to think about getting a third shot after being fully vaccinated.

The advisory panel made their decision to not push a third jab to all Americans, mainly because the long term effectiveness and side effects of a third jab are unknown.

There have been hundreds of reports already of  adolescents being diagnosed with myocarditis shortly after being fully vaccinated.

If you add a third shot into the equation, some scientists fear it could raise the rate of myocarditis among young adults who get vaccinated.

In a separate vote, however, the FDA advisory panel did vote 18-0 in support of Americans 65 or older to get vaccinated for a third time.

There’s a Major Rift Between the FDA and the Biden Administration

Both Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause have announced their resignation from the FDA. This happened after the White House tried to overstretch its influence when it comes to approving booster shots.

Dr. Gruber and Dr. Krause are both senior officials in the FDA. They are now resigning due to the fact the White House decided to promote the booster shot without a green light from the FDA.

The move from the White House was hypocritical, considering they have been preaching to people to “trust the science ” for the last year and a half.

However, when it comes to booster shots, the Biden administration is trusting the dollar signs and not the scientific data the FDA has to offer.

The FDA and White House are Failing to Educate People on Natural Immunity

Researchers in Israel have conducted a study that proves those who obtained immunity from a previous case of COVID have a lower risk than those who are fully vaccinated of contracting COVID again.

The study concluded natural immunity has better protection against COVID-19 than the Pfizer vaccine. The data conducted by researchers specifically showed those who were fully vaccinated by the Pfizer vaccine were 6x more likely to contract COVID-19 than unvaccinated people who already recovered from COVID-19.

When Fauci was asked about natural immunity, he was left dumbfounded. Take a peek below!

Fauci isn’t the only one silent on the truth about natural immunity, though. Instagram is attempting to censor its users from posting about natural immunity.

Many users on Instagram have posted screen shots of what happens if you look up #naturalimmunity on Instagram. The result is a vaccine information tab will pop up.

It appears the White House and big tech are working hand in hand to suppress the truth about natural immunity.