Federal Government Funded University of Pittsburgh to Harvest Organs From Babies

Multiple reports have surfaced revealing the federal government funded the University of Pittsburgh’s organ harvesting program. According to Judicial Watch, the University of Pittsburgh received a $3.2 million grant from the NIH to harvest organs of six week to 46 week old babies.

The document from the NIH which revealed the horrific findings were requested by both Judicial Watch and the Center For Medical Progress through the Freedom of Information Act. In one part of the 252 page report, it revealed that the NIH also authorized funding for the University of Pittsburg’s plan to help full-term pregnant women give birth; then after the mother delivered the baby, they would surgical remove the organs of the baby.

The project by the University of Pittsburgh is called GUDMAP; it aims to collect fetal tissue and organs like the heart, gonads, liver, brain, kidneys, bladders, and ureters for medical research. The grant application declared that the University of Pittsburgh also said they would be able to collect five aborted fetuses a week.

The Grant Included That 50% of Organs Harvested Must Be From Minorities

Many are deeming the grant application by the University of Pittsburgh racist; that’s due to the fact it says that 50% of the babies used in their organ harvesting experiment must be minorities and 25% of those babies must be African Americans.

The Founder of the Center of Medical Progress publicly called the experiments racist; the University of Pittsburgh replied that projects funded by the NIH must not eliminate the inclusion of minorities. When the documents were released to the general public, both the NIH and the University of Pittsburgh both stated that they followed all federal guidelines regarding research on fetal tissue.

Did you notice how the federal government and the University of Pittsburgh justified their actions by stating that they didn’t break the law? Of course, it’s not against the federal law, look at the Senate and House of Representatives; more than half of them would legalize abortions.

Probably 50% of Congress would pass abortions outside of the womb if corporations that funded their campaigns told them to do so. Many users on social media pointed out that over two years ago, host of InfoWars Alex Jones talked about the federal government-funded experiments which involve babies having their organs harvested. He made the comments on Joe Rogan’s podcast and immediately the mainstream media called it a conspiracy.

NIH Overturned The Trump Administration’s Policy Regarding Fetal Tissue Research

In April, the NIH officially overturned the Trump administration’s policy regarding research on fetal tissue cells. The Biden administration declared that the ethics board that was put in place by the Trump administration will no longer be needed and they got rid of it completely.

Now, fetal tissue research no longer has to be accountable to anyone; the NIH can fund research as much as they please with very little pushback, now that the ethics board has been removed.