FEMINIST Foreign Policy is HURTING America

(Pictured: Jimmy Akesson, leader of the conservative Sweden Democrats)

The adoption of “feminist” approaches or even official “feminist” foreign policies and doctrines is a bad idea.

Europe is trying it and its not going well at all.

Want proof? Look at countries like Sweden, overrun with awful policies on immigration, crime, drugs and more.

They’re now making changes, and the new center-right government just abandoned a feminism-based foreign policy made official nearly a decade ago.

‘Dramatic Policy Shift’ as Conservatives Take over Sweden

Last month, Sweden, a developed Western nation, saw its new Cabinet declare that the “feminist” label attached to the country’s foreign policy over the past eight years was “counterproductive” and was getting abandoned.

The nation became the first to declare a “feminist” foreign policy back in 2014, and was followed by nations such as Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, and even Colombia, which did so just recently, in September 2022.

While the US government has not made formal declarations in favor of a foreign policy doctrine focused on feminism, the far-left, wokeist and transgenderist administration of President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden may as well be considered applying one.

For instance, in an intriguing development last week, it announced the launch of a $6 million program of the US Agency for International Development that would finance female entrepreneurs globally so they can apply for government and international funding for climate change projects.

According to the Newsweek report, Sweden’s “feminist foreign policy” was supposed to be “centered” on the “realities, challenges, and perspectives” of women and girls, and was also designed to “examine gender problems.”

The report notes that the “dramatic policy shift” announced on October 18 by the new Swedish government is hardly surprising since the minority Cabinet of the Moderate Party, the Christian Democratic Party, and the Liberal Party is backed by the Sweden Democrats, a formation described as “far-right.”

The latest general election in Sweden left the still most popular leftist Social Democratic Party in opposition even as it got the most votes.

The strong result of the conservative Sweden Democrats, which came in second, however, came as a blow to the Social Democrats who have dominated Swedish politics since the 1930s.

Desire for Transgenderist, Rather than ‘Feminist’ Foreign Policy

The Newsweek report by authors Jesse B. Bump and Eirliani Abdul Rahman, the latter one a Harvard Ph.D. student, criticizes Sweden’s previous “feminist foreign policy” not for the reasons the conservatives found it counterproductive because it wasn’t “inclusive enough” in gender ideology and transgenderism terms.

From that perspective, the authors point out several major “flaws” with Sweden’s former “feminism-based” foreign policy, which was unveiled in 2014 by then Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Margot Wallstroem.

These include the conclusion that “feminist foreign policy” cannot be easily and clearly defined, or that focuses too much on “women and girls,” and not enough on “intersectionality,” the term used by modern-day Western Marxist-Communists and wokeists to describe the myriad of racial and gender identities and their combinations invented under the so called “identity politics.”

The report insists that “feminist foreign policy” should be replaced by a “fair foreign policy,” which would be “explicitly intersectional” and would create “space for gender diversity.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.