Flashback: In July, Biden Stated the Taliban Would Not Take Over Afghanistan

A press conference from July is coming back to haunt Joe Biden. In the press conference, Biden emphatically implied that there was no way the Taliban was going to take over Afghanistan.

It all started when a reporter asked him if a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was inevitable, in which Biden sharply replied that there were over 300,000 extremely equipped Afghan troops and an Air Force to compliment those troops against only 75,000 Taliban fighters.

Biden then declared that the Afghan government wasn’t going to collapse. He later said that there will be no circumstances of an personnel from the embassy being airlifted from the U.S. Embassy, due to a threatening attack from the Taliban.

Well now, let’s fast forward to August and the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan; moreover, now the president of Afghanistan, Kabul, has officially fled the country.

It’s also reported that the Taliban leaders are inside the capital of Kabul now, have officially taken over Afghanistan, and will form a new government immediately.

U.S. Embassy personnel are also retreating and Biden just sent an extra force of 3,000 troops to help airlift embassy personnel from the U.S. Embassy.

So yet again, Biden was 100% wrong; now countless women in Afghanistan will have to pay the price. They will also no longer have the freedoms they once did before the Taliban took over.

Here’s the interview from July:

Update on the Current Situation in Afghanistan

The Taliban surrounded the city of Kabul late Saturday night; they did this shortly after taking over the city of Jalalabad. Since then, the Taliban has officially taken over Afghanistan and now an interim government will be formed.

The Taliban has also taken over the Bagram Air Force Airbase, which was the Afghan Airforce Joe Biden was touting would lead the Afghan troops to a victory against the Taliban.

To add more complete chaos, according to a report by CNBC, the Taliban has also released close to 7,000 prisoners from Parwan prison. Most of those 7,000 prisoners were Taliban and al Qaeda fighters.

Trump Responds to the Complete Disaster Biden Caused

Trump slammed Biden for his abysmal foreign policies and stated that Biden just can’t get anything right. He then went on to say that if Biden followed his administration’s withdrawal plan, then the Taliban takeover would not ever have taken place.

President Trump then made a sad, but truthful prediction; he declared when the Taliban raises their flag on our U.S. Embassy in Kabul, it will be an utter disgrace of America.

As Biden continues to pull troops and empty our U.S. Embassy, it appears the U.S. has waved the white flag. Therefore, the two trillion dollars and bloodshed over the country will almost be in vain.