Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Some sad news has just broken out of the state of Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis’ wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Casey DeSantis, the First Lady of Florida, has just learned from physicians that she has breast cancer.

According to Fox News, her husband Governor DeSantis stated Casey is the heart of his family. Ron and Casey have three children together; these young children and the rest of the DeSantis family are going to need some prayers at this time.

Details About Casey DeSantis

Casey DeSantis is 41 years old; she’s had a spectacular career in the news and production industry. She’s also very notable in the sports world too and was nominated for her work as a television host for the PGA Tour.

DeSantis is also quite the athlete herself, a three-time equestrian, and was also a runner up in the NCAA equestrian championship. Casey met Ron when she was on the golf course at the Naval Station Mayport.

At the time, Ron was a Naval officer and the two later ended up marrying in 2010. As the First Lady of Florida, Casey has not sat on her hands; she’s been hard at work, just like her husband. Casey’s been in charge of the Chair of the Children & Youth Cabinet and she’s a big advocate of keeping Florida’s water clean.

Will This Impact DeSantis Running for President?

Governor Ron DeSantis’ name has been tossed around in possible presidential candidates if Trump decides not to run. In several polls, the Florida governor’s name was listed as the second most likely to become the Republican presidential nominee for the 2024 election.

As most of us know, Trump would more than likely defeat DeSantis in a primary; more than likely, DeSantis knows that because he has yet to show any interest in running for president. Others suggested due to DeSantis not bowing down to Biden’s federal vaccine mandates, he would make a great vice president for Trump.

As of right now, it appears DeSantis’ time will be purely devoted to his wife and the people of Florida he is currently serving. Hopefully, Casey will make a speedy recovery and keep on making an impact in many people’s lives for decades to come.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the last year, we’ve had to hear about COVID, COVID, COVID, but cancer deaths have been pushed aside. Globally, 685,000 women have died due to breast cancer and there are reportedly around 7.2 million diagnosed cases.

As much effort as scientists and doctors are using to push the COVID vaccine, they should be trying to find the cure to cancer. Also, if they already have this cure, they should give it to the people at once.