Florida School Board Member Took Elementary Class to LGBTQ Bar

Do you remember going on field trips in elementary school? Well if you did, you can probably remember you visited a park, zoo, aquarium, museum, historical site or a restaurant.

However, a school board member in the state of Florida took an elementary class to none of these places; instead, she took young children to a LGBTQ bar for their field trip.

The school board member who chaperoned the trip posted on Facebook she was “honored” to be able to take Wilton Manors Elementary students to Rosie’s, which is a LGBTQ Bar. Fox News investigated the Facebook post and concluded that it was, in fact, a gay bar.

It’s bad enough children are being taken to a bar, but what makes things worse is they’re in a bar and listening to LGBTQ ideology being forced on them.

Children are being taught LGBTQ values on TV, in school, in books, and now on field trips. Imagine if this same school took the children to a historic church; there would more than likely be outrage and backlash.

North Carolina Lt. Governor Criticizes LGBTQ Children Books

Unlike the majority of Republicans who have backed away from speaking out against LGBTQ propaganda pushed on children at young ages, North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is quite the opposite.

During his most recent speech in front of a crowd in Wilson County, Robinson called for LGBTQ books that are borderline pornographic to be removed from schools.

Robinson then stated his personal beliefs and said homosexuality and transgenderism are sins. He went on to say adultery and fornication are also sins; then, he followed that up by saying placing pornographic material in schools is a sin too.

After Wilson’s speech, many called for him to step down as the lt. governor; the part that triggered people most was when Wilson stated homosexuality and transgenderism are sins.

Waukee School District Is Under Fire

The Waukee School District in the state of Iowa is facing major backlash from parents after students came home to tell their parents there were pornographic books in their school’s library.

Parents, while addressing the school board, showed the board pages of the books which contained acts of pedophilia and oral sex acts between men.

The books that are under fire are “Gender Queer”, “Lawn Boy”, and “All Boys Aren’t Blue.” Many leftists are now defending the books by claiming young people who are questioning their sexual identity need books like these on the shelves so they will know they are not alone.

So essentially, the far left is advocating for teens (from the ages of 14-17) to be able to lay their eyes on pornographic cartoon characters because it promotes their social justice agenda.