Forced Vaccinations On The Horizon Amid FDA Approval

The FDA officially announced that they’ve approved the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine. An official announcement by the Federal Drug Administration has declared that the Pfizer vaccine is “safe.” Therefore, it will no longer have a EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) label tagged to its name.

Although the Pfizer vaccine has been proven to cause Myocarditis in adolescents, it appears the FDA turned a blind eye to anything that would cause the vaccine to be unapproved. The new approval will now pave the way for mandatory vaccines to begin in almost every level of society.

A CNN report touted the Pfizer vaccine approval as a way for schools, businesses, and states to force a vaccine mandate. It’s a bit odd that the approval from Pfizer comes at the same time as Biden’s Afghanistan disaster.

Since the Vaccine is Approved, the Pentagon Will Mandate It

Earlier in the month, the Secretary of Defense released a letter declaring that as soon as the FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the Pentagon would immediately start vaccines mandates for all members of the military. He went on to say in the same letter that soldiers must be ready and part of being ready for an assignment is being healthy.

Most soldiers aren’t fans of vaccine mandates. Behind closed doors, many of them have been talking to their local representatives about their distrust of the vaccines. Yet, at the end of the day, the military will more than likely tell troops that they must submit to their superiors.

If they refuse to do so, they could be issued a dishonorable discharge. It will be interesting to see how soldiers respond to be vaccinated; it will be even more interesting to see how it will affect future recruitment numbers.

It’s a sad thing to think the very freedom that our warriors fight for on the battlefield are being taken away from them at the hands of a woke administration.

Vaccines Mandates Have Already Begun For New York School Teachers

The FDA’s approval of Pfizer has opened up Pandora’s box. Just hours after the decision was made, New York declared that all school teachers in the state must be vaccinated. The mandate will be for all public schools and will force 150,000 teachers to be vaccinated by September 27th.

Just two days before the vaccine was approved, the University of Virginia disenrolled over 200 students for not meeting vaccination requirements. So just imagine what universities and public schools will do now since the vaccine has been approved.

Corporations pushed for the majority of Americans to be vaccinated by forcing workers within their companies to be vaccinated. Yet, now the federal government will be pushing the vaccine to the remaining people who are not vaccinated.