Vaccinated Former Boxing Champion Tests Positive For COVID-19

The 10x world champion Oscar De La Hoya just posted a video of himself hospitalized after he contracted COVID-19. The legendary boxer said despite being fully vaccinated, he still contracted COVID-19.

He then went on to announce that his coming out of retirement fight planned for September 11th would be cancelled. CNN reported Oscar was shocked that he contracted COVID-19 and he was taking good care of himself.

Oscar De La Hoya was hospitalized, despite being fully vaccinated and fitter than most people on the planet. This is starting to tear holes into the mainstream media’s “just get vaccinated and everything will be alright” narrative.

Oscar De La Hoya has been the world boxing champion ten times in six different weight classes. He also won a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona for Team USA.

Another Legendary Athlete Tested Positive for COVID-19, Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

Legendary catcher for the Cincinnati Red Johnny Bench has also tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated. Bench was supposed to be present at the upcoming baseball Hall of Fame ceremony; he will no longer be present, due to testing positive for COVID-19.

In May, over nine players and staff members on the New York Yankees tested positive after they were fully vaccinated. They all quickly recovered, but still raised questions regarding whether or not COVID-19 vaccines are really working.

Breakthrough Cases Occurring All Over the United States

According to the CDC, a breakthrough COVID-19 case occurs when a fully vaccinated person tests positive for COVID-19. Last week NBC Boston reported that 3,074 residents of Massachusetts tested positive for COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated. The state, as of right now, has a total of 19,443 breakthrough cases and 143 of them resulted in death.

Data collected from 38 states reported over 125,682 total breakthrough cases in the United States; however, that number would be much higher if every state reported data regarding breakthrough cases.

America Not The Only Country Seeing Breakthrough Cases

Israel has the highest amount of people vaccinated in the world; nevertheless, they have still seen major breakthrough cases from the COVID Delta variant. Breakthrough cases got so high that both Sweden and France will ban Israelis from entering their country; this ban applies even if Israelis are vaccinated.

Sweden and France’s move to ban vaccinated Israelis from entering the country just goes to show how much they really trust the COVID-19 vaccine. The Prime Minister of Israel himself has lost hope in the Pfizer vaccine; he even said the Pfizer vaccine isn’t sufficient enough to protect people from contracting COVID-19.

Currently, Israel is not considered epidemiologically safe. This is bizarre, especially considering they are one of the most vaccinated countries in the whole world.