Former Chinese General Owns 130,000 Acres Including Airstrip in Texas

In recent years, former Chinese General Sun Guangxin has purchased close to 130,000 acres of land in the state of Texas in an attempt to build a wind farm. Sun Guangzin reportedly has ties to the CCP.

Furthermore, his 130,000 acres just so happens to be next to Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio. The land purchase has raised major national security concerns, something which the mainstream media hasn’t been talking about.

While most of the talks concerning national security involve the current border wall that needs to be finished, very few lawmakers are raising concerns about members of the CCP owning large pieces of land in Texas and all around the United States.


According to a report by Fox 29 News, GH America Energy will be the company running the wind farm project; however, GH American energy is a subsidiary of Guanghui Energy Company. This company is owned by general Sun Guangxin.

More About The Wind Farm Project

Besides being close to a military Air Force Base, there are other aspects of the wind farm project that are raising eyebrows too. For instance, on the 130,000 acres is a well-maintained 10,000 ft. long airstrip which could potentially give the Chinese Air Force exclusive access to Texas.

The size of the wind turbines that the engineers from the CCP are planning to construct are also problematic. They are approximately over 700 ft tall, which is close to double the height of normal wind turbines. Many locals in the area believe these turbines will be used for surveillance of Laughlin Air Force Base.

Lawmakers In Texas Fighting Back

Many Texas lawmakers are fighting back; they aren’t thrilled that a former Chinese general with major connections to the CCP plans to control some aspects of the United States power grid. Texas Representative Will Hurd stated that it wouldn’t be hard at all for the CCP to take control of our power grid, considering their shadow companies are gaining access to our grids.

Both the Texas Senate and House passed the Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act. It was then signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June; this will prevent foreign state actors from gaining access to American infrastructures.

As of right now, even though the bill passed, Sun still owns 130,000 acres and more. He likely won’t go down without a legal fight, considering there are millions of dollars already invested in the project.

Texas Has Been a Hotspot for Chinese Spies

In July of last year, the Trump administration closed down the Chinese Consulate; this occurred after several reports of Chinese spies using the Consulate building to steal medical research and data regarding the United States’ oil industry. 

There have been close to 11 cases of espionage that involved the Chinese Consulate according to the Department of Justice. This is an even bigger reason why former generals from China shouldn’t be allowed to scoop up 130,000 acres next to a very important American Air Force Base.