Colin Powell Dies of COVID-19, Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell died on Monday morning after having COVID-19 related complications. Powell was 84 years old and admitted to Walter Reed Hospital after contracting COVID-19.

His doctors said Powell had a compromised immune system after having several fights against myeloma, which is a cancer of blood cells.

Powell served under four presidents (Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush) and was reportedly fully vaccinated. Powell’s family stated he was completely vaccinated, but unfortunately still contracted COVID-19, which led to his death.

More Details on the Life of Colin Powell

Powell made history thrice when he was appointed as the first black National Security Advisor, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State. During his long military career, Powell received over 11 military medals, such as the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam.

While in Vietnam, Powell was in a helicopter crash where he was injured but still able to rescue his comrades from the burning helicopter. Following Vietnam, Powell had a tour of duty in Korea as a battalion commander. He was later assigned to the White House Office Management where he served under the Nixon administration.

More Details on Powell

Powell stayed away from the public eye until 1991, when he was appointed as the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War. After the Gulf War, Powell retired from the Army officially.

Many saw Powell as a potential candidate for president, but he was never interested in the idea of being president. However, he was interested in being the Secretary of State. In 2001, Powell became the 65th Secretary of State and served under George H. Bush’s administration.

Powell told the world on national television (and the United Nations) that Saddam Hussein had WMDs (weapons of mass destruction). However, it was later found out that Iraq had no such kinds of weapons. Powell stated the CIA director fed him false information on Iraq, which caused him to make the false declaration.

Powell’s Political Life After Government Service

Colin Powell never identified which political party he belonged to during his entire military career. However, in 1995, Powell declared he was a registered Republican. In recent years, though, his voting records reflect he had leaned more towards the Democrat Party.

Powell came out of political hiding during the 2020 presidential campaign where he gave Joe Biden his endorsement for president during the DNC. The former secretary of state also went on CNN and called Trump a liar on several occasions.

After the January 6th riots at the Capitol, Powell stated he was no longer a Republican. Despite Powell’s recent political mishaps, one can not deny that Powell’s leadership abilities are leaps and bounds better than General Mark Milley.