Gay Priest Vows to Stop Performing Religious Marriage Ceremonies for Straight Couples

The great apostasy is knocking at the door, my friends. A gay Swedish Priest has announced that he will not perform any religious marriage ceremonies for heterosexuals couples anymore.

Longtime LGBTQ activist and Priest Lars Gårdfeldt from Sweden declared he will no longer marry straight couples anymore; this comes in protest of the Church of Sweden’s new rule.

This new rule allows newly ordained Priests their rights to refuse to perform religious marriage ceremonies for same sex couples.

Gårdfeldt was furious by the church’s decision; he went on record saying that the Swedish Church should not recruit new priests who are against LGTBQ rights.

A Little About Gårdfeldt

Gardfeldt got married to his transgender partner in 2006 before Swedish churches even allowed homosexuals getting married in the church. He also performed several wedding for members of the LGBTQ community before the Swedish church even permitted it.

The Church of Sweden has been going downhill recently. This is due to the fact they are not based in the Word of God, but rather are becoming part of the politically correct world.

A recent declaration by the Swedish Church declared it was “trans.” Before they made that ridiculous statement, they previously called climate activist Greta Thornburg “Jesus’s successor.”

The Lutheran Church Has Also Gone Woke

Earlier this year, the Lutheran Church of America announced it installed its first openly transgender bishop. Rev. Megan Rohrer (who was born as a biological male, but now identifies as a female) has officially been ordained as a Bishop.

Rohrer will now over see over 200 congregations in California and Nevada. According to Fox News, Rev. Rohrer identifies as non-binary. Non-binary means a person doesn’t identify as a male or female; also, it sometimes means they identify as a male and at other times, they identify as a female.

Rohrer preferred pronouns are they/them, which is sure to confuse many members of the congregations Rohrer will now oversee.

In a comment about the new job as a Bishop, Rohrer thanked all the members of the Lutheran Church that prayed earnestly for him to become the first transgender Bishop in the Lutheran Church.

Many Lutherans outside of the California Diocese believe the leaders in Rohrer’s district must have been praying to another god and not the God of the Bible.

Rohrer has been quite controversial in his sermons. At one point, he declared that “God is non-binary” which sparked backlash immediately.

Many pastors openly disagree with the Lutheran’s church decision to ordain Rohrer as a Bishop. They said the Bible is very clear in Genesis that a marriage should between a male and a female.

Those same pastors have also declared that the Lutheran Church is abiding by their fleshly minds and not abiding by the Scriptures.