Gen. Flynn Hits Nancy Pelosi with Restraining Order

Trump’s former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn has just issued a complaint to halt a subpoena by the January 6th Committee that is ordering him to testify before committee members.

The subpoena is also demanding him to hand over the communication records that he has on January 6th and the weeks leading up to January 6th.

That’s not all, though. Gen. Flynn has also filed a preliminary injunction and a restraining order against Nancy Pelosi.

According to the Western Journal, the complaint named all nine committee members, but specifically listed Pelosi as the defendant.

Details Behind General Flynn’s Complaint

Flynn was given a subpoena in November that required him to testify before the January 6 Committee and hand over communication records and documents.

In Flynn’s complaints, he states he is just an American citizen who exercised his freedom of speech on January 6th and in no way, shape, or form incited any violence.

Flynn continued in his filed complaint that the January 6 Committee is in a rush to file a contempt of Congress charge against anybody who doesn’t heed the committee’s commands.

Steve Bannon has already been indicted for contempt of Congress and is facing criminal charges now.

If Flynn’s motion to file a restraining order against Pelosi is granted by the court of law, then it would ultimately prevent Pelosi from obtaining any records the committee has of Flynn.

It would also prevent Pelosi from enforcing the committee’s subpoena on him.

Pelosi is Heckled by Trump Supporters

Flynn is not the only person who is fed up with Pelosi, but million of conservatives are also fed up with her.

In Pelosi’s most recent public appearance with the mayor of San Francisco, several protestors started chanting “Let’s go Brandon.” This is a phrase that has been popular amongst Trump supporters. The protestors also started chanting “USA” loudly.

Pelosi ignored the protestors, but she was visibly upset and distracted by the chants. Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old and in the last several months, she has shown major signs of slowing down.

The Democrat Party as a whole is filled with aging representatives and senators. Biden himself is 79 years old and will be close to 83 when he leaves office.

The Democrat Party is on the verge of collapsing, due to the fact that once these lifetime Democrats start to retire, then there will be an influx of progressives aiming to take their spots.

This will end up benefiting the Republican Party because progressives are borderline socialists at this point.

Just look at Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia; he’s been a lifelong Democrat, but as soon as he says no to a bill that would destroy the United States’ economy, he is seen as an enemy by progressives.