Gen. Flynn Warns of Cyber Attacks by Deep State

In a huge interview, General Flynn, his brother Joe Flynn, and Patrick Byrne all sat down with Info Wars host Alex Jones to discuss the crucial times we are now in.

Gen. Flynn started off the interview by sounding off the alarm bells. He claims the Deep State is planning a “controlled depression.” This will essentially be a severe manipulation of the economy, which will lead to a major economic collapse.

That’s not the only warning Trump’s former National Security advisor had to share. Flynn also warned there would be a complete internet shutdown in the near future caused by a cyber attack.

When Flynn made this statement, Alex Jones chipped in and stated the Davos group (which is the group of wealthy and influential leaders behind the World Economic Forum) has already proclaimed a cyberattack is coming.

Jones went on to state the WEF also asserted they will be the ones to fix the cyber attack too.

This isn’t a conspiracy, my friends. The WEF literally produced several videos on the subject. Check out one of them below.


More on the Interview

General Flynn’s brother, Joe Flynn, and former CEO of Patrick Byrne added to the interview, too. Joe Flynn stated Americans all around the country are waking up and have had enough of the tyranny.

Flynn went on to say if we can get past the winter without the country absolutely being destroyed, then there’s a good chance a comeback will be in the midst.

Byrne added to Flynn’s comments by saying will we end up the USSSA (United Socialist States of America) or remain the USA. Byrne went on to say he too believes a major financial crash is underway and inflation right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

January 6th Committee Subpoenas Jones and Flynn

The January 6th Committee, which is investigating the Capitol riots, subpoenaed both Alex Jones and General Flynn. Flynn, previously in an interview with Tucker Carlson, stated he would stand before Congress because he has nothing to hide.

Jones also responded to the subpoena by saying he plans to exercise his constitutional right of pleading the 5th because Democrats will always twist and change his words.

Just look what they did to Trump. All Trump said at his January 6th rally was ‘let’s fight,’ which is a really basic phrase almost all politicians have used from time to time. However, the Democrats and RINOs acted as if Trump was declaring an attack on the Capitol.

If you would like to watch the entire video, you can check it out on Rumble below. We all know YouTube would have deleted this video.

Who knows how the Deep State will respond to all of this?