George Bush Will Fundraise for RINO Liz Cheney

Former President George W. Bush will throw his support behind Republican Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming. A report from Breitbart announced that Bush’s first fundraiser this year for a lawmaker will be for Cheney. Cheney is infamous as one of the ten Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump.

Rep. Cheney has been known as a RINO (Republican In Name Only) due to the fact she sides with the Democrats on practically everything. She has also run to liberal news networks like CNN and CNBC every chance she gets to throw shade at Trump.

Bush Supports Cheney Just A Few Weeks After Trump Slammed Bush in a Press Release

George Bush decided to fundraise on behalf of Cheney just a week after Trump slammed him for getting the United States involved in endless wars. Trump also took a jab at Bush for claiming terrorism from the right is more of a problem than terrorists from foreign countries.

Liz Cheney is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney who served under George W. Bush. Trump, on multiple occasions, has called out both Dick and Liz for being warmongers who start wars for their own financial benefit.

President Trump Backs Cheney’s Primary Challenger

Trump has officially endorsed Cheney’s primary challenger Harriet Hagemen, who is looking to dethrone Cheney. In Trump’s endorsement, he declared that Hagemen is an attorney who puts America first.

This is unlike Cheney who is a disloyal RINO who puts America last. Trump concluded his endorsement by saying Hagemen will defeat the Democrat’s number one prover of soundbites, Liz Cheney.

Trump and Cheney didn’t have any riffs until Cheney decided to vote for Trump to be impeached over the January 6th riot. After she decided to vote for Trump to be impeached, she went on several left-leaning news networks. Cheney then reportedly called Trump a white supremacist and said his policies are as dangerous as Hitler’s.


The primary in Wyoming will reveal who really holds the power within the Republican Party. Cheney and Bush are the art of the old Republican Party that got America into senseless wars and put America last for their own financial gain.

Trump, on the other hand, has promoted the MAGA agenda which aims to put America first again. Trump is already considered the leader of the Republican Party. This means the old faces of the Republican Party like George Bush can no longer work their magic.

The eyes of many Americans were opened to the corruption done under Republicans like Bush, McCain, McConnell, and others. In the polls, Hageman is up by a considerable amount, but that’s only because Trump decided to endorse her.

Cheney, on the other hand, won’t see much of a bump from an endorsement from Bush. if history taught us anything, an endorsement from a Bush won’t do anything. Just look at Jeb!