Georgia Will Remove Over 100,000 Names From Voter Registration Rolls

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that over 100,000 names will be removed from Georgia’s voter registration rolls.

Raffensperger stated that the reasoning behind the names being deleted is so that Georgia’s voter registration rolls will be “up to date”. The controversial secretary of state went on to say there’s no reason to keep “ineligible” voters on the rolls.


Too little, too late?

Many are asking the question why are over 100,000 names being deleted from the system now that the 2020 election is over and done with. The answer lies behind the fact that Georgia is a bit behind when it comes to implementing voting integrity methods such as being part of the nonpartisan Electronic Registration Information Center (which allows states to update their registration rolls every month instead of every two years).

The last time Georgia did a voter registration roll cleanup was in 2019 and it didn’t go without controversy. In 2019, a group called Fair Fight Action (that was led by none other than Democrat Stacey Abrams) attempted to sue the state for “disenfranchising voters.”

Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger knew that if they would’ve advocated for names to be deleted before the biggest election in U.S. history, then they would’ve been deemed as “racist” by the mainstream media.

President Trump has been very vocal about what he thinks about Kemp and Raffensberpe; he called for both of them to be resigned for dropping the ball when it comes to investigating voter fraud in the state.

He also has gone on record to call Kemp an “obstructionist” for not speaking out on voter fraud in the state.

Whose names are being deleted?

Out of the 101,789 names that are being deleted from Georgia’s voter registration roll, 67,286 of the names were deleted for a change of address.

34,227 of the names “had election mail returned to sender.” That’s not all, though; 276 had no contact with election officials which will cause their names to be deleted; while they are at it, Georgia will also delete over 18,486 voter files of dead individuals.

The state of Georgia turned blue for the first time since Bill Clinton was elected in 1992. The state was narrowly won by Biden by a little over 11,000 votes. Would Biden still have won the state if those 100,000 names were deleted 9 months earlier?

President Trump believes not and so do many of his supporters; Trump supporters are refusing to accept the spoon-fed narrative that election fraud doesn’t exist in America. However, if you try to dig for yourself, you will be labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

Like many other “conspiracy theories,” the truth is accepted many years later when it’s no longer relevant. Just take a look at Operation Northwoods.