Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty for Child Sex Trafficking

Convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein’s right-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, has just been found guilty of child sex trafficking and four other charges.

A federal court in New York found Maxwell was guilty of sex trafficking a minor, three conspiracy charges, and also a charge for transporting a child with the motive to engage in unlawful sexual activities.

Maxwell was found guilty on these charges; however, the 60 year old was found not guilty by a jury for enticing minors to engage in sexual activities. When the verdict was given, Maxwell was emotionless and now faces up to 65 years in a federal prison.

More Details on the Case

Judge Alison Nathan, as of right now, has not set a sentencing date, but Maxwell’s defense team is seeking an appeal.

The guilty verdict was found by a jury which consisted of six men and six women. A guilty verdict was found after the jury wrestled with a decision for six days on end.

US prosecutors presented a case that argued Maxwell and Epstein created a sadistic scheme between 1994 to early 2004 that lured young girls to be sexually abused by Jeffery Epstein.

The jury was convinced the four victims of Epstein who took the stand were telling the truth. Now, because they were brave enough to face their abuser, Maxwell is not walking away free anytime soon.

That is, unless Biden-nominated Judge Alison Nathan goes easy on Maxwell and gives her a sweetheart deal, just like Epstein was handed in the early 2000s.

Although a guilty verdict is good to see, the real justice comes once the sentencing gets handed down. Hopefully, Ghislaine Maxwell has a high level of security watch around her so she doesn’t just magically “kill herself,” as Epstein did.

Details About Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell comes from a wealthy background and her father, Robert Maxwell, allegedly had ties to the Mossad, which is Israel’s intelligence agency.

Many suspect that Ghislaine Maxwell’s father’s connection to Mossad, the KGB, and other intelligence agencies show that she and Epstein were not just seeking demonic pleasure from sexually abusing young girls.

They were also believed to be allowing world leaders to engage in sexual abuse of the girls in order to have blackmail on them.

One world leader who is tangled up in Epstein and Maxwell’s scheme is Prince Andrew. He is facing a lawsuit in Manhattan for sexually abusing a minor provided by Epstein over 20 years ago.

This isn’t an off-the-wall allegation, considering the woman who filed the lawsuit has pictures of herself, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew all together at Epstein’s house.

Now with Ghislaine Maxwell’s guilty verdict, Prince Andrew’s team is frantically preparing to throw out the lawsuit, due to various jurisdiction issues.