Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Reveals Words Epstein Banned Workers From Saying

Some new evidence in Ghislaine Maxwell’s child sex trafficking trial has some very strange details on what it was like to be inside Epstein’s home.

A household manual given to all workers at Jeffery Epstein’s Florida estate revealed what words his workers and victims could say and what words they couldn’t say.

The household manual given to all of Epstein’s workers said to never look Epstein or Maxwell in the eyes.

This is a bizarre rule and it’s probably because the eyes are the windows to the soul. Epstein’s eyes were more than likely full of guilt and darkness. Workers were also told to smile at all times as if they were robots.

More Details on the Bizarre Manual

The manual asked workers to never address Epstein or Maxwell with their hands in their pockets or to ever use the word ‘yeah.’ Instead, they were to use more polite phrases.

This is severely hypocritical, considering during that same time, Epstein was sexually abusing young girls at the very home and Maxwell was allegedly grooming them to undergo this abuse.

Other words that were banned are as follows: ‘right,’ ‘you bet,’ ‘I dunno,’ ‘gotcha,’ and ‘no problem.’ Instead, workers had to talk as if they were in the 19th century.

Workers were also told in the very same manual that they were to never see or say anything about what they witnessed at the home. The workers were likewise not allowed to eat or drink in front of Epstein, which is also very peculiar.

More on Maxwell’s Charges

Ghislaine Maxwell is being hit with child sex trafficking charges. Maxwell is also fighting against strong claims that state she helped Jeffery Epstein run a child sex trafficking ring.

Epstein victims have already sat on the stand. These women have shared horrifying stories about how Maxwell allegedly groomed them to be sexually abused. Then, at times, Maxwell would join in the sexual acts, too.

The trial is a federal court case, which is the reason why no cameras are being allowed inside of the courtroom. The trial should conclude in about six weeks. At this time, many Americans believe by the end of it, newfound information on other people who were involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring will be exposed.

As of right now, Maxwell has kept very tight lips. She hasn’t aired out anyone in the hopes to get a plea deal. If she is found guilty of all charges, she could spend the rest of her life in prison.

Yet, then again, she sat with the Pope, president, and major CEOs at Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, the chances that Ghislaine Maxwell spends her life in prison is doubtful. Sadly, money and blackmail corrupt justice.