Government App Will Use Facial Recognition, Geolocation to Enforce Quarantine

The South Australian government just created an app that uses facial recognition and geolocation technology in order to enforce quarantines. The app was created to keep surveillance on South Australia visitors and make sure they stay quarantined for a full 14 days.

According to Fox News, the app randomly asks a quarantined person to show proof of their location; if they don’t respond to the app by showing their face or location, then the app will automatically alert the authorities.

Many people are comparing the new technology to the technology George Orwell wrote about in his book, 1984. The Australian government is using the technology in order to give Australians a choice of either staying quarantined in a hotel or a place of their choosing for 14 days.

Australia Has Turned Into A Police State

In many parts of Australia, there is a COVID-19 curfew in place from 9 pm to 5 am. In most of those areas, only vaccinated people are allowed to exercise during those hours. Previously, vaccinated residents were only allowed to exercise for one hour, but that rule has since been changed.

Videos have surfaced all over the internet of police assaulting and arresting men and women for simply not wearing a mask or disobeying curfews. Many are surprised that Australia is being so forceful in its fight against COVID-19, considering only 1,000 people have died of coronavirus.

To put that in perspective, on average, over 1,100 people die in automobile accidents in Australia each year. One of the most recent incidents where Australian police flexed their authoritarian muscles is when they arrested a man in a park while he was with his 3-year-old daughter.

Take a look:

Australia Isn’t the Only Country Going Overboard with Enforcing COVID-19 Rules

In Paris, France, a new video surfaced showing a group of riot police attacking a young lady for entering a store without her vaccine passport. They just didn’t lightly touch her, but rather they used their batons and beat her to the ground until they handcuffed her.

France was one of the first countries to make their citizens show proof of their vaccination status before they entered malls, restaurants, hospitals, theatres, and other public places. Soon after France enacted this new rule, many other countries started to do it too.

What’s happening in Australia and France will be coming to America next. Many liberal states like New York have already started to force citizens to show proof of their vaccination status in order to enter certain venues.

As of right now, there aren’t any videos of police beating women for not showing proof of their vaccination status in America. However, the way corporations and the federal government keep pushing the vaccinations, it won’t be long before this happens too.