Hillary Clinton Cannot Stop Coughing

Hillary Clinton’s health woes continue to get worse, it seems. In her latest interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, Clinton started coughing several times throughout the process.

As Clinton was coughing, Maddow tried to make the situation less awkward by saying ‘oops I didn’t mean to surprise you.’ The second Clinton coughed on-air, Maddow’s countenance looked as if she was disgusted by the incident.

What Clinton had to say on Maddow’s show was more concerning than her cough. That’s because she kept repeating the claim the January 6th riot was a coup on the United States government.

For Clinton to just loosely throw out the term ‘coup’ is an insult to the nations who are actually suffering from undergoing a coup. Under Democrat President Biden, both Myanmar and Haiti have been taken over by a coup, as unfortunate as that may be.

Clinton went on to say in the interview she believes conservatives are trying to take America back in time. What Clinton meant by this is she believes conservatives are attempting to bring back racist laws from the Jim Crow era, which is far from the truth.

Clinton’s Had Her Fair Share of Health Problems

According to the New York Post, after Clinton attended a 9/11 memorial ceremony in 2016, she collapsed. However, Secret Service agents were quick to catch her and put her in a van.

In the video, Clinton looked very frail and was bobbling around constantly. This was just two months before Americans were supposed to go to the polls; it looked as if Clinton was in no condition to even be running.

Clinton’s team tried to keep the whole ordeal a secret, but luckily, there was a reporter there to capture the moment. It’s told Clinton even left one of her shoes behind, which goes to show how bad of a condition she was in.

Her medical team ended up reporting she had pneumonia at the time.

Watch the video here:

Bill Clinton was Recently Hospitalized

Former President Bill Clinton was recently released from the hospital after being kept there for six days.

The former president arrived at the University of California Irvine’s Medical Center just last month. This happened after he was experiencing a urological infection, which quickly spread to his bloodstream.

Clinton has since made a recovery and is doing what he does best: attending fundraising meetings and speaking on behalf of the Democrats.

It’s surprising how Bill Clinton gets a pass from his earlier troubles in the White House, but any other person is getting canceled for the tweets they shared in high school.

It’s apparent the Democrat Party is completely shattered. Ultimately, that is their reason for relying on the Clintons so much.