Hillary Clinton Cries While Reading Her 2016 Preplanned “Victory” Speech

Just to give you a quick flashback of the 2016 election, the entire corporate media machine had Trump behind Clinton in almost every single poll.

However, Trump would come out victorious and leave the entire political machine shocked. In her most recent interview, Hillary Clinton talked about her 2016 campaign and even read a portion of what would be her victory speech, if she had won.

While reading the speech, Clinton started to choke up, as she was quoted saying she is the first woman president. Her speech started out by her declaring to Americans their vote today shows what values they stand for and shows the United States is the country that is one of many.

Clinton would go on to start crying while talking about how her mother would be so proud her daughter became president. She would then go on to preach how the nation is so unified since she is now president.

Watch it here:

Flashback to Liberals Crying After Trump Won

The night President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton was a joyful night for Trump supporters. Yet, on the other hand, Clinton supporters were in complete shock.

Their shock was immense, considering halfway through the election, CNN predicted Clinton had 268 of the Electoral College votes, compared to Trump’s 202. CNN’s prediction was completely wrong, as history showed us and thousands of liberals cried in defeat.

What is Clinton Doing Nowadays?

Clinton, for the most part, is going around the country, getting paid to speak at liberal fundraisers and other events. She most recently launched a master class about how to lose to Trump.

Granted it’s not titled like this, but the entire class is about how to be resilient during difficult situations. Also, her entire study centers around her resilience after losing to Trump.

I guess her form of resilience is to go on MSNBC and talk about Trump every chance she gets. Besides selling a master class, Clinton has been seen taking care of her husband Bill, who was recently hospitalized for an infection in his blood.

Bill is now fully recovered, but his hospital stay, along with Hillary’s constant falls, has the Democrat Party thinking about who’s next in line.

If we just take a look at the Democrat Party, everyone is severely old: Pelosi, Biden, and Schumer. One might argue, what about AOC, but the reality is Democrat insiders have reported there are major riffs between progressives and lifelong Democrats.

The Republican Party doesn’t have the youngest group of leaders, either. Therefore, the next decade should be interesting when these lifelong politicians start dropping like flies for retirement.

However, there are young strong leaders, such as Ron DeSantis, who might hold down the fort once Trump decides to retire for good.