High School Honor Student Arrested for Refusing to Wear a Mask

16 year-old Grace Smith, a Wyoming student who Laramie High School, refused to wear a mask. She was therefore placed in handcuffs inside of her high school and charged with trespassing, per the New York Post.

It all started when Laramie High School’s district announced a mask mandate would be put in place. When honor student Grace Smith decided to not comply with the mask mandate, the administration at Laramie High School gave a her a two-day, out-of-school suspension.

After serving her time, Smith then reportedly came back to the school without a mask and was arrested for trespassing. The honor student was placed in handcuffs in front of her peers as if she were a criminal.

More Details About the Teen’s Arrest

Grace posted the video of her arrest on YouTube; the police who arrested her didn’t seem to agree too much with the school’s decision either. At one point, an officer could be heard asking, “do you have any knives, weapons, or bazookas on you?”

Everyone knows a 16-year-old girl wouldn’t be able to conceal a bazooka, so it appears the officer was making light of the situation. The other officer handcuffed her regardless, but opted to not handcuff her hands behind her back.

Take a look at the video here:

The officers didn’t let Smith go freely and she was later taken to a detention center. While the arrest was ongoing, the entire school went on lockdown, as if there was a shooter on the school’s property.

More Mask Arrests

One woman in NYC is fighting back after she was arrested on a subway for not wearing a mask; she now plans to sue the city for over $10 million.

Kaleemah Rozier was walking in the subway station with her son when officers detained her for not wearing a mask; the situation escalated quickly and it ended up with Rozier being arrested and her five year old son being taken away from her.

Authorities in America aren’t the only ones going overboard with arresting citizens for not wearing masks. A video from Australia showed a man arrested aggressively by two police officers; while he was being arrested for not wearing a mask, he suffered a heart attack.

The authorities are claiming to stop the spread of COVID, but they are only creating a police state that tells its citizens to be quiet and obey.

Does this look like Australia is trying to stop a pandemic or like it’s become a police state? The answer is the latter.

Unless more people in the United States are willing to stand up to the authoritarians in charge, even more incidents like what happened in the videos above will occur again and again.