Hospital Will No Longer Provide Organ Transplants to Unvaccinated Patients

A Colorado hospital essentially made a policy that takes away unvaccinated people’s rights to live. The Gateway Pundit reported the University of Colorado Health hospital issued a new policy.

This new policy prohibits any unvaccinated person from receiving any kind of organ transplant. The policy also requires all organ donors to be vaccinated before they donate their organs.

The policy became public after a donor-recipient was notified she was taken off the donor waiting list for “noncompliance.” The reason she was flagged for noncompliance was she refused to get vaccinated.

Leilani Lutali, the woman denied an organ transplant, has stage five renal failure. She was previously told her vaccination status would have no impact on her receiving any organ transplant.

However, after she was able to come in contact with an organ donor, that all changed. The hospital stated she would now have to be vaccinated in order to receive an organ transplant.

People Dying Due to the Left Pushing the Vaccine

Not only are organ transplant receivers in danger of death, but several young people who decided to get vaccinated were diagnosed with Myocarditis after being fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

Many of the adolescents who passed away from being vaccinated (or developed Myocarditis) previously voiced their concerns about the vaccination. Ultimately, the pressure from their jobs, schools, and scholarship committees forced them to get the jab.

One athlete by the name of John Stokes posted a video of himself warning others about the possible harmful effects of the COVID vaccine.

So, on one side, the establishment is forcing people to either get vaccinated or forgo a chance to receive an organ. Then, on another side, they are forcing students on scholarships to get vaccinated. Otherwise, they will be booted from their scholarships and be forced to pay thousands of dollars worth of school fees.

The Left Doesn’t Require Women Who Abort Full Term Babies to be Vaccinated

In a shocking discovery, watchdog groups were able to discover the NIH funded the University of Pittsburgh’s organ harvest experiments. The University of Pittsburgh received close to $3.2 million from the federal government to perform abortions.

After these abortions, they then immediately harvested organs from those same babies. Some of the babies were even close to 46 weeks old, which means they were practically fully grown.

The left has no problem performing inhumane science experiments which are purely satanic; yet, when it comes to vaccinations, they act as if they are safeguarding the entire universe from destruction.

At one point in time, if you talked about the federal government aborting live babies and harvesting their organs, you would be seen as crazy. Now, it’s all out in the open and even boasted about.