How Trump Saved the Phrase “Merry Christmas”

In the corporate world and at most universities across the United States, the phrase “Merry Christmas” has been replaced with “Happy Holidays.”

This has been going on for a while now, but in 2015, Trump made a promise. He stated on the campaign trail he was going to Make America Great Again and also make America say ‘Merry Christmas’ again.

Trump, in his interview with Newsmax, stated big corporations and franchises would use snow and candy canes as decorations.

Yet, they would also refuse to use the phrase ‘Merry Christmas,’ due to the fact it might offend someone outside of the Christian religion. Trump wound up using the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ more than any other president in the last two decades.

Trump even told his supporters not to support businesses that use the generic term  “Happy Holidays,” instead of ‘Merry Christmas.’

However, now that Trump is out of office, the White House and other woke corporations are back to their old ways of just saying “Happy Holidays.”

Christ must stay in Christmas because if the radical left has their way, Christ will be removed from Christmas forevermore.

Christmas shouldn’t be a day of consumerism, but rather a day we recognize the birth of Jesus Christ who left the beautiful heavens to come to dwell inside of a womb.

There’s so much humility to be seen by looking at Jesus’ birth.

The Left Attempted to Kill the Christmas Spirit While Trump Was in Office

Everything that Trump did in office was wrong, in the eyes of the corporate media. He wasn’t the only one criticized, but his wife Melania was also insulted for the way she decorated the White House for Christmas.

When Melania decided to use white Christmas trees in the White House, the media attacked her because her color choice wasn’t diverse enough.

In 2018, Melania decided to use red Christmas trees, but the media criticized her once again for using the wrong color. So, essentially, no matter how she decorated and organized the White House’s Christmas ornamentation, she was always seen wrong.

Trump Speaks at Baptist Church and Defends Melania

During his visit to the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Trump started off his speech by wishing everybody a Merry Christmas.

He then swiftly defended his wife’s Christmas decoration choices after several media outlets claimed Jill Biden’s decoration set-up at the White House was better than Melania’s.

Regardless of what the media has to say about Melania and President Trump, they did give four years of their lives to serve the United States. They gave up their time, finances, and even careers to make America great again.

Merry Christmas to you all and make sure you know the reason for the season!