Hypocrisy: Cuomo Gave Biden Humanitarian Award for His Advocacy Towards Sexual Assault Victims

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is facing pressure from all sides to resign; this comes after New York Attorney General Letitia James reported that from 2013-2020, Cuomo sexually assaulted several women which broke both state and federal laws.

After the news broke out, lawmakers from both parties called for Cuomo to resign and even Joe Biden decided to tell his friend to resign. In a press conference, Biden declared that Cuomo should resign as soon as possible; if he doesn’t, then state legislatures will more than likely impeach him.

Biden, however, hasn’t always been so hostile towards the disgraced governor of New York. In 2017, Joe Biden happily accepted a humanitarian award from Governor Cuomo.

Biden was even touching and being buddy-buddy with the governor on the stage before he received the award. The hypocrisy is unreal considering that while Cuomo was presenting the award, he was allegedly sexually assaulting several of his staffers.

Watch the moment Biden accepted the award here:

Did you notice how close the two were? Cuomo even gave Biden a quick kiss on the cheek at the 13-second mark. More than likely, the advisors who were being sexually assaulted were in the crowd that night; they were probably throwing up in their mouth, watching Cuomo’s hypocrisy displayed in front of them.

According to NBC New York, the award was called the HELP HERO Humanitarian Award; it was awarded to Biden due to the fact he sponsored the 1994 Violence Against Women’s Act. It also came as a result of Biden’s speech at the 2016 Academy Awards which spoke out against sexual assault.

Details Behind the AG’s Report on Cuomo

Attorney General Letitia James, in a very detailed 165-page report, came to the conclusion that Governor Cuomo sexually assaulted 11 women and nine of them worked beside Cuomo as an aide or an advisor.

Cuomo’s former senior advisor Lindsey Boylan first spoke out about Cuomo sexually assaulting her in the workplace; she said the governor kissed her without consent and asked her to play strip poker with him. After Boylan spoke out, several other women also came out and declared Cuomo sexually assaulted them too.

CNN Host Chris Cuomo is Silent Regarding His Brother’s Scandal

After the AG of New York accused Gov. Cuomo of sexually assaulting 11 women, Andrew’s brother Chris Cuomo didn’t speak a word about his brother’s allegations on his show.

The CNN host instead decided to just talk about COVID-19 and attacked the Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida instead. At the beginning of his show instead of talking about the elephant in the room, he decided to praise Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

Soon after, Cuomo declared that he would discuss COVID, as if his brother’s scandal wasn’t the biggest breaking news of the day.