Ice Cube Departs From New Sony Film After Vaccine Mandate Issued

Iconic hip-hop rapper and award-winning filmmaker Ice Cube has walked away from a new film by Sony. This happened after Cube was told in order for him to continue to be a part of the film, he would need to be vaccinated.

Sony’s new comedy movie called “Oh No” was going to pay Cube $9 million dollars to be in the film.

According to Yahoo News, Ice Cube dropped out of the project when producers of the film told him he needed to be vaccinated.

Instead of bowing down to money as most Hollywood stars do, Cube followed his convictions instead. Earlier in the year, he also walked away from another movie called “Flint Strong” but it’s not clear if he left due to vaccine mandates or not.

Famous Indian Actor Dies After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Actor Puneet Rajkumar died from a heart attack while he was exercising, just months after he received a COVID-19 vaccine. Rajkumar was used by the Indian government on numerous occasions to promote COVID-19 vaccines.

He was considered one of the healthiest actors in India, so his heart problems didn’t stem from unhealthy living. COVID-19 vaccines have been known to cause myocarditis, which is a rare heart condition that results in inflammation.

As of right now, the actor’s death has just been ruled as a heart attack; doctors have failed to even entertain the fact it could’ve come from the COVID-19 vaccine he took a few months earlier.

Child Actors Will More Than Likely be Forced to Get Vaccinated Now

The FDA has officially approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine under an Emergency Use Authorization label for children from ages 5 to 11 years old. Children from ages 5 to 11 will now be able to get vaccinated.

The U.S. is now shipping vials of the vaccine to other countries, so they can start vaccinating children too. The children’s dosage is a lot more than adults’ dosage; the children’s vaccines will also be marked with an orange label instead of a purple one.

Child actors will more than likely be used to push the vaccines onto children. Child stars on TV channels such as Disney and Nickelodeon will more than likely get vaccinated and then be used as a tool to promote vaccinations for other children.

If a child actor refuses to get vaccinated, they will more than likely be blackballed from the TV and film industry.

The new FDA approval has many parents feeling frightened because they believe this will pave the wave for public schools to make COVID vaccines mandatory for students.

Right now, the children’s vaccine is just under an EUA, but as we saw with the adult Pfizer vaccine, it’s only a matter of time until they approve it completely.