Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Cut Man’s Head Off, Kicked It Like Soccer Ball

As insane as the headline sounds, unfortunately, it’s correct.

Joel Arciniega-Saenz recently confessed to local police officers in New Mexico that he decapitated a 51-year-old man in a park. The story gets even gorier because according to local police, Joel Arciniega-Saenz allegedly kicked the head of his victim like a soccer ball several yards away.

After his confession, Joel was arrested and charged for first-degree murder in the death of James Garcia.

Details Behind the Gruesome Killing:

According to Fox News Arciniega-Saenz allegedly followed James Garcia to a park and snuck up on Garcia and decapitated him. Arciniega-Saenz then kicked Garcia’s heads several yards away; he even took an extra effort and kicked it at 14 cars too.

A police report also shows that James Garcia’s middle finger was also cut off. Arciniega-Saenz was later arrested after police found him in the park with a bloody knife and even more blood on his clothes.

Background of Joel Arciniega-Saenz

Joel Arcieniega-Saenz was homeless at the time when he committed the murder and according to multiple news outlets, he was also an illegal immigrant.

In 2017, he was arrested for the shooting death of Benjamin Montoya but was later found not guilty in 2018; this happened after a key witness was found with the same caliber gun that was used for Montoya’s murder.

Biden’s Immigration Laws are Changing Demographics

Popular political analyst Candace Owens believes that illegal immigrants that are flooding the United States are not only a threat to our national security, but also a sinister plot by the Biden administration to change the demographics of the United States to support liberal causes.

Candace recently claimed that states like Virginia have turned blue over the years due to Democrats setting up housing for illegal immigrants in the state. She continued and stated right now there are even illegal immigrants on planes on their way to Tennessee.

She didn’t make the statement without any evidence, but rather she backed her claims by a recent conversation she had with a woman who illegally came to the United States from Guatemala.

The woman from Guatemala declared to Candace that ever since Biden came into office, entering into America became a lot easier and safer.

Trump’s Recent Speech on Illegal Immigration

President Trump made his way to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas recently, where he was met by Governor Greg Abbott and 31 GOP representatives. The exact spot where Trump gave his speech was the same area that is seeing a 300% increase of illegal aliens crossing the border since Biden got in office.

While he was at the border, Trump stated that all Biden had to do was nothing and there would be no border crisis. He then went on to say that Biden’s policies are destroying America and putting people in harm’s way.