Illinois Democrat Claims SUV Driver in Waukesha was Using “Self Defense”

In an extremely distasteful tweet, a Democrat media director tweeted out a post stating the deadly incident that occurred at Waukesha’s Christmas parade was just an example of ‘self-defense.’

Mary Lemanski, who is a media director for the Democrat Party in DuPage County, Illinois, said the driver of the red SUV who killed five and injured over 40 people was just driving in “self-defense.”

It’s very clear her tweet is trying to claim the driver, Darrell Brooks, should be treated just the same way as Kyle Rittenhouse. There’s a major problem with this, though.

With that extremely toxic logic, Rittenhouse was using self-defense to protect himself from Joseph Rosenbaum, who was a registered sex offender. Rittenhouse was also using self-defense against Anthony Huber, who has a history of domestic violence.

However, Rittenhouse was given a $2 million bail and eventually found not guilty.

Darrell Brooks, on the other hand, has a long history of violence and is a registered sex offender in the state of Nevada. That’s not all, though; he was only given $1,000 bail after committing two felonies, just three days before he ran into a crowd of people.

Lemanski also stated the blood of the Rittenhouse victims is on the hands of the citizens of Wisconsin. She then shamefully continued by saying you reap what you sow.

More Democrats Chime In

Democrats from all angles made corny self-defense jokes, as if children and parents weren’t just run over by a car going at full speed. Several videos show Brooks running over his victims with no remorse.

Instead of looking at the evidence right before their eyes (which shows Darrell Brooks supported the black nationalist movement and had several racist online posts towards Jews and whites), CNN is taking other steps.

CNN is deciding to report Brooks’ motive was to escape the police. This is a complete fabrication, considering the video shows Brooks clearly deciding to run into a group of people.

Democrats Just Enjoy Defending Pedophiles

Brooks was a registered sex offender and even admitted to his crimes in a video on social media. One of the men who attempted to attack Kyle Rittenhouse, but got shot dead, was Joseph Rosenbaum, another registered sex offender.

The left has recently been screaming “justice for Joseph” and even gave him the nickname “Jo Jo.” The left’s new “martyr” sexually assaulted five boys in ways that are not even appropriate to even type.

Rosenbaum was let out of prison early. Then, soon after, he harassed Rittenhouse at the Kenosha riots.

If liberal bias didn’t allow sex offenders loose in the streets, Rittenhouse may have never gone to trial. Brooks would still be in jail and the disaster in Waukesha would’ve likely never occurred.