It’s Happening: North Carolina County Residents Receiving Door Knocks from Vaccine Pushers

Legendary patriot Paul Revere once said the “British are coming! the British are coming!”, but I’m here to tell you “the vaccine pushers are coming! the vaccine pushers are coming”.

Days after the Biden administration announced that volunteers and community leaders will start knocking on doors to encourage non-vaccinated residents to get the COVID vaccine, Fox News just reported that a North Carolina county already started knocking on doors.

Healthcare workers and community leaders in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina have started a new campaign called “doses to doors”.

Currently, Mecklenburg County only has 49% of its residents vaccinated, therefore, community leaders have taken Biden’s advice; they are now knocking on doors to encourage people to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to residents, the door knockers even have healthcare workers on standby ready to give the vaccine to anyone who says yes.

Many Are Pushing Back Against COVID-19 Door to Door Campaigns

Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina is trying to prevent COVID-19 vaccine campaigns that involve knocking on doors to coerce residents to take the jab.

He issued a statement that said getting the vaccine should be a personal decision, not a decision the government makes for you. McMaster also stated that unannounced visits to residents’ homes could spark a distrust of the local government.

Members of Congress have also been very outspoken on the Biden administration encouraging door-to-door campaigns.

The youngest member in the House of Representatives, Madison Cawthorn, suggested that if we allow the Biden administration to start door-to-door campaigns for vaccine programs, then eventually, they will knock on doors to collect guns and Bibles.

Representatives Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene have both been very outspoken when it comes to knocking on residents’ doors to ask them to take the vaccine. Rep. Boebert even went as far as calling the people knocking on doors “needle Nazis”.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene started a campaign that is called “just say NO,” which is aimed at telling residents to refuse anyone who asks them to take the COVID-19 vaccine. She also compared the “vaccine pushers” to the Nazi Brown Shirts”.

The Nazi Brown Shirts acted as Hitler’s henchmen in the late 1920-1930s and helped Hitler rise to power by using intimidation methods and attacks against Jewish people.

FDA Warns Rare Nerve Disorder is being Caused by Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

While more and more people continue to push the vaccine, the side effects keep getting worse. The FDA recently announced that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is associated with a rare nerve disorder called Guillain Barre syndrome.

Guillain Barre syndrome is a rare auto-immune disorder in which a person’s body starts to attack their nerves, something that could ultimately lead to paralysis. I wonder if the door knockers will warn residents of the side effects of the vaccine; more than likely, they won’t because it doesn’t make one want to take the vaccine.