January 6th Committee Subpoenas Alex Jones and Roger Stone

Once again, the January 6th Committee is targeting people who never stepped foot inside the Capitol building. In a new round of subpoenas, the January 6th Committee issued five more subpoenas; two of them are for InfoWars host Alex Jones and Roger Stone.

The January 6th Committee claimed Roger Stone, along with Alex Jones, served as key witnesses to the January 6th attacks and have essential information.

The committee is also maintaining both Stone and Jones helped organize the Stop the Steal rally, which lead to the Capitol breach. The truth is this, though: all Stone and Jones did was exercise their free speech at the Capitol.

Jones Even Warned People Not to Go in the Capitol

While the January 6th Committee claims Jones is one of the key factors causing the January 6th riot, a video shows otherwise. A recorded video shows Alex Jones warning a crowd of Trump supporters to not get involved in any conflict with the police.

He also warned the crowd of agent provocateurs who might be in the crowd. Jones went on to advise the crowd he didn’t want to see another Kent State incident, which involved the National Guard killing four anti-war protestors.

Did you check the video out? This is the only evidence the House needs to see. To be honest, though, it would be nice to see Alex Jones with an open microphone before Congress because we all know he has dirt on every single one of them.

Alex Jones has been labeled a conspiracy theorist, but he also predicted several major events, such as 9/11, lockdowns, no WMDs in Iraq, Epstein crimes, and much more.

When Alex Jones’ lawyer was asked what he thinks about the subpoena, he responded by saying the First Amendment gives people the right to freely protest and that’s all Jones was doing.

General Flynn and Steve Bannon Both Received a Subpoena

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon was given a subpoena. However, he refused to comply and was therefore indicted by a grand jury on contempt of Congress.

General Flynn, Trump’s former NSA director, was also given the subpoena to show up to Congress and is set to have a meeting soon.

Anyone who exercised their free speech on January 6th is now being persecuted. As things currently stand, Bannon, Stone, Flynn, and Jones are the main targets of Democrats and RINOs. This is because the Democrats know these folks have a big following.

The day Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and General Flynn have to stand before Congress will be a day Democrats will regret ever forming the January 6th Committee because that will be the day they get completely exposed.

It’s about to get interesting folks; get your popcorn ready.