Jeffery Epstein Reportedly Visited Bill Clinton in the White House 17 Times

A breaking news report by the Daily Mail reveals Jeffery Epstein visited former President Bill Clinton in the White House 17 times. Epstein frequently met with Clinton at the White House and started visiting Clinton just one month after he was inaugurated.

The logs obtained by the Daily Mail even show Epstein sometimes visited the White House twice on the same days. The log also revealed Epstein would go to the West Wing, which was the same wing Clinton was in at the time.

This isn’t the only log list that connects Clinton and Epstein. After Clinton left office, he reportedly flew on Epstein’s private jet with him on numerous occasions. In Epstein’s flight logs for his private jet, the Lolita Express, it clearly shows Clinton and Epstein travelled together.

The Daily Mail obtained the logs through the Freedom of Information Act, and it comes in the midst of the huge Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

More on Epstein and Clinton

Epstein was eventually exposed in 2006 when his crimes of sexually abusing children came to light and Clinton kept his distance from Epstein, publicly at least.

However, documents from his court case in 2006 reveal Epstein’s crimes stretched way back to the days he was in the White House. So, it can be said it’s very possible that while Epstein visited the White House, he was involved in sexually exploiting children.

There are not only “logs” that place Clinton and Epstein together, but also dozens of pictures of Epstein and his right-hand woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, all together.

In one photo, in particular, Clinton is getting massaged by a young girl who was being “trained” by Ghislaine Maxwell to be a “massage therapist.” Epstein was not only close with Clinton, but also visited the Pope at the Vatican.

Epstein also had his own office on Harvard’s campus, even after he was a convicted pedophile. He additionally had a firm relationship with the former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates. So, Epstein’s connections to the elites in society ran very deep.

The Strange Painting in Jeffrey Epstein’s House

After the flight logs and White House logs were released, the painting found in Epstein’s home after he was arrested makes more sense.

A painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress was found inside Epstein’s home. The picture was proudly hanging on his wall and depicts Bill Clinton wearing a blue dress with high heels in the Oval Office.

It’s unclear why Epstein had the photo. However, some people speculate it is a picture of an actual event that happened.

Regardless of what it represents, the photo is sinister in nature, especially considering Bill Clinton fell into sexual immorality while serving as the president of the United States.