John McAfee Past Tweets Warned He Would Never ‘Suicide Himself’

John McAfee speaking by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Antivirus software mogul John McAfee was reportedly found dead inside of his Spanish prison cell on Wednesday. The news was reported by the New York Post just hours after Spanish authorities ruled that McAfee was going to be extradited to the United States to face federal charges for tax evasion.

A local newspaper in Spain was the first to report the story; the story states that McAfee died of an apparent suicide. Soon after mainstream news outlets also reported that all signs showed that MacAfee’s death was a suicide. The news raised major red flags to followers of McAfee, considering the antivirus tycoon on several occasions tweeted out that he would never suicide himself.

What Did John McAfee Tweet?

McAfee in 2019 posted on Twitter a picture of him showing off his new tattoo that reads Whackd. In the caption of the photo, McAfee claimed that U.S. officials were after him and told him they were going to murder him and make his death appear as a suicide.

Later in 2020, the tech guru tweeted out that he was doing fine in jail, stating if he was found hung in his cell, like Epstein, it wouldn’t be of his account.

What was he doing in a Spanish Prison?

McAfee, who had his fair share of run-ins with the law, was most recently arrested by authorities in Spain on the behalf of the Department of Justice for alleged tax evasion. The SEC also filed a complaint against McAfee for his alleged participation in cryptocurrency pump and dump schemes.

McAfee denied the allegations; he recently took to Twitter to say he’s being persecuted for baseless crimes. He even went further to say one of the coins he was allegedly accused of pumping and dumping is Doge coin, which turned out to be no pump and dump scheme at all.

John’s Instagram post after death 

Here’s where things start to take a wild turn in the story; just hours after McAfee was pronounced dead, his Instagram account uploaded a picture of the letter Q. As of right now, it’s unknown whether this was a scheduled upload by McAfee himself or was posted by someone in his camp.

The news of his post sent the internet ablaze and had many people talking about various theories regarding McAfee. One theory was that McAfee was Q himself. Some people deem Q as the shadowy figure who posts anonymous in order to expose members of the deep state; others label Q as a right-wing conspiracy nut job.

Another theory that has arisen states that John McAfee set up a dead man’s switch which is is a switch that activates if the human controller becomes incapacitated. Many believe John’s dead man switch will contain incriminating data that will expose corrupted behaviors from well-known officials around the world.