Judge Commits Suicide Just Before Feds Arrest Him For Child Sex Abuse

A Maryland judge committed suicide as federal agents surrounded his house to arrest him for child sex abuse. Caroline County Circuit Court Judge Jonathan Newell shot himself in the head as federal agents were about to enter his home. This all comes after a month-long investigation revealed Newell allegedly filmed young boys naked while they were in the shower.

Newell’s suicide comes after he was about to be charged with sexual exploitation of a child; this follows a raid earlier in the month that revealed Newell had several videos with his face showing him touching and filming young boys naked while they were getting showers in his cabin.

Details Behind The Investigation

The investigation all started when a young boy found a camera in a shower at Newell’s cabins. The minor who discovered the camera told his parent who then contacted law enforcement agents.

After investigators found out about the camera, they questioned Newell about the camera. Newell said that it wasn’t his and stated there were six other people in the cabin that same night.

While being interviewed by law enforcement officials, Newell allegedly asked to charge his phone. Yet instead, he went into his bedroom and ate a memory card that had incriminating evidence on it. After getting a CT scan, medical officials concluded that Newell had metallic-type substances in his body.

The boys on film weren’t the only boys that were allegedly sexually abused; investigators went on to interview several other boys with whom Newell came into contact. The young men stated that when they were boys, Newell would check them for ticks and sometimes even touch their genitalia to “look for ticks.”

Officers were able to obtain a video camera left in Newell’s cabin that showed him arranging the direction of the camera; it would later go on to show the young boys taking showers.

RINO Governor of Maryland Nominated Newell

Johnathan Newell, who was a Caroline County Circuit Judge, was nominated by Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland. Newell was appointed by Hogan in 2016 and supposed to serve a 15-year term.

The actions by Newell are disgusting and to think he was deciding who was right and wrong during court cases is hypocrisy to the fullest. Governor Hogan has been labeled as a RINO by most conservatives; this comes due to his hateful comments towards Trump and his authoritarian rule of Maryland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Hogan has been silent after Newell’s charges and death. Was Newell just a lone wolf or were other high government officials also committing sickening actions towards children?

Due to Newell’s suicide, it appears we will never know and now he will stand before the true judge where there are no appeals.