Kamala Harris Claims It’s Impossible for Rural Americans to Photocopy Their IDs

Kamala Harris apparently believes that rural America is less advanced than 3rd world countries.

Harris, in her latest interview with BET News, went on record saying that she believes the new voter I.D. laws in some states will have a profoundly negative effect on rural Americans; this is due to the fact they don’t have access to a photocopier.

Yes, you read that right!

Kamala Harris believes that the wealthiest nation in the world citizens doesn’t have access to a photocopier.

According to Fox News, she then tried to back up her statement by saying they don’t have Kinkos or Office Max.

Well, Harris is right; most rural towns don’t have access to Office Max or Kinkos, but they do have one thing and it’s called a library.

If a town doesn’t have a library they probably have a school or a post office that would allow you to have access to their machine.

The interview got even cringier when she continued and said of course people have to identify themselves, but they need to identify themselves in a way that’s actually possible.

Her statement sounded as if rural American’s aren’t smart enough to use a photocopier machine.

Backlash From From Her Comments

Harris’ comments immediately sparked backlash amongst rural Americans on Twitter.

One user tweeted ‘Hey Kamala I live on top of a mountain in West Virginia and I’m able to use a photocopier machine even if there are banjos dueling the background’.

Another account tweeted a gif of a carriage and said on my way to a Kinkos.

Voter I.D. Laws are Deemed Racist and Oppressive by Democrats

In all honesty, I’m sure Kamala Harris knows that rural Americans have access to copier machines.

However, if she went on record saying how convenient getting a photo copy of your I.D. is, then Democrats could no longer cry that red states are passing oppressive racist voter laws.

When the state of Georgia first passed their voter I.D. laws, Democrats were quick to call the new laws the new Jim Crow.

They believed that the Republican-run state spitefully changed their laws to prohibit African Americans from coming to the polls.

Major corporations like Coco-Cola and Delta Airlines also voiced their opinions and believed that the new laws were racist. The biggest shocker was that the MLB boycotted the state and pulled their All-Star game from the city of Atlanta.

The move actually reportedly hurt black-owned businesses in Atlanta more than anything.

The Department of Justice recently filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia for their alleged voting laws that violate protection for minorities.

Just as the Biden Administration believes rural Americans are unable to operate a photocopier machine, it appears they believe minorities are unable to do it too.

Isn’t that more racist than asking to prove your identity in order to vote?