Kamala Harris Didn’t Go Anywhere Near The Actual Border Crisis

Kamala Harris’s highly anticipated Southern Border visit ended up being just theatrics.

Harris ended up visiting the city of El Paso, which is quite far from where the actual border crisis is occurring. The epicenter of the border crisis is happening in the Rio Grande Valley which is located over 600 miles away from El Paso.

According to the New York Post, Harris started off her visit by lying to a reporter. A reporter asked Kamala why she finally decided to visit the border now, to which she responded that she has visited the border many times.

Instead of going to the actual border, the Vice President instead opted to visit an immigration center in El Paso. She then talked to some pre-selected immigration activists and then followed it up with a photoshoot.

In the month of May alone, over 180,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended at the border. The high amount of apprehension is in direct correlation to the Biden administration ending the Remain in Mexico policy issued by the Trump administration.

She Wasn’t Given A Warm Welcome

As expected, Texans didn’t give Kamala a warm welcome when she finally made the visit. Many residents believed she was over 90 days too late and thought she was now just visiting to get the monkey off her back, so to speak.

Protestors awaited Kamala Harris with signs that read “Kamala you know Trump won”, and “Latinos for Trump”. Some signs spoke more on the horrible consequences of allowing mass illegal immigration and read “how many little girls need to be raped”. Other signs were written in Spanish and read: “Que Mala” which means ‘how bad’ in Spanish and more.

Trump’s Border Visit

On June 15th Trump released a statement that declared he was invited to visit the border by Texas Governor Greg Abbot. In his press release statement, Trump declared the Biden administration inherited the safest border this nation has seen in a while, but in as little as a month they have miraculously turned it into the worst border crisis that the United States has ever seen.

That wasn’t all, though; Trump hammered the Biden administration for their catch and release philosophy and praised his administration’s catch and remove policy. 

Ted Cruz Exposed The Border Crisis

In March, Ted Cruz and a group of lawmakers visited the Southern Border and what they found was horrific. A video captured by Cruz shows hundreds of illegal immigrants huddled together at the height of the pandemic.

At one point in the video, a Biden operative attempted to stop Cruz from filming the inhumane conditions. The video is what accelerated the calls for the Biden administration to confront the border crisis.

It’s quite fair to say that Harris’ border visit was a complete disaster.