Key Evidence from Jeffery Epstein’s Safe Goes MISSING

During Ghislaine’s Maxwell’s trial, a special agent for the FBI testified before the court that evidence located inside of a safe in Jeffery Epstein’s New York townhouse went missing. This happened before investigators were able to get their hands on it.

According to the agent who took the stand, the FBI conducted a search of Epstein’s home on July 6th, 2019. While conducting the search of his home, officers found a safe.

So the team of FBI agents used a saw to open up the safe and proceeded to find CDs, hard drives, money, diamonds, a large amount of cash, and several passports.

The officers documented the items in the safe with photos, but didn’t have a warrant to remove them from the house, so they put them back. The FBI then obtained a search warrant on July 11th, just 5 days later, but the CDs and hard drives were all gone.

It’s almost as if the FBI wanted to give Epstein’s team a heads up before they collected all of the evidence.

More Details on the Missing Items in Epstein’s Safe

A member of the FBI’s Child Exploitation and Trafficking Unit called Epstein’s lawyer to see where the items of the safe were. 20 minutes later, Epstein’s lawyer, Richard Kahn, came back to Epstein’s townhouse with the items in two briefcases.

More than likely, all the CDs and hard drives were wiped to destroy incriminating evidence. However, Epstein ended up never going to trial, so the content of the tech found is unknown, but it’s not hard to know what was on it.

FBI agents also found large boxes in several rooms inside of Epstein’s huge townhouse. Some of the CDs were labeled with words, such as “name,” “young,” and “nude.”

So, it’s quite obvious Epstein had in his possession child pornography and other sadistic media, too. There were also several photos of Maxwell and Epstein on some CDs.

What’s Next for Maxwell?

Maxwell’s defense team didn’t allow Maxwell to testify in court and they have officially rested their case. On Monday, the jury will be given instructions and a final rundown of the six federal charges which include child sex trafficking, enticing a minor, and enticing a minor to travel to perform sexual activities.

If Maxwell is found not guilty, then any hope in the American justice system will be automatically stolen from the young girls who were victims of Epstein.

To be honest, every jury member needs to have 24-hour protection at this point because their lives could be at risk for deciding such a high-profile trial. It will be also interesting to see (if Maxwell is found guilty) what kind of sentence Judge Nathan (Biden’s favored judge) gives her.