Florida Landlord Will Evict Unvaccinated Tenants

A landlord in Florida has decided he will no longer rent out his apartment units to any unvaccinated tenants. Santiago A. Alvarez owns over eight apartments complexes that contain over 1,200 units.

He will force all tenants to be vaccinated. According to the Daily Mail, Alvarez will oust any tenant who is unvaccinated when they renew their lease.

According to the Independent, most of Alvarez’s apartments are in Broward and Miami-Dade counties in Florida. Moreover, most people in those counties believe his new mandates are illegal, due to Governor Ron DeSantis issuing an executive order (and due to Florida law) that bans vaccine passports.

Gov. DeSantis’ ban states that any business which denies a person’s civil liberties due to their vaccination status will be fined.

Unvaccinated People Now Becoming Second Class Citizens

Unvaccinated Americans around the United States are quickly becoming ostracized and segregated in public places. A recent video that has surfaced from New York shows a black family being told by a restaurant manager to leave the restaurant because they were not vaccinated.

The family decided not to leave, but the restaurant manager continued to tell them to leave because they showed no proof of COVID vaccinations records. The man who was unvaccinated then asked the fellow diners in the restaurant how they can sit and eat while his family was being segregated.

Apparently, the restaurant manager threw the family out because NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a vaccine mandate that requires all patrons entering restaurants in NYC to show proof of being vaccinated; if they are unable to show proof, they must leave the restaurant.

The United States is Not the Only Country with Strict Vaccine Mandates

Australia has also issued heavy restrictions regarding unvaccinated citizens. Many parts of Australia have been on lockdowns in recent months and only vaccinated citizens were allowed to have more than one hour of exercise outside during the day. They are also enforcing a strict curfew in most parts of Australia too.

Nigeria has likewise taken an authoritarian approach to mandate vaccines. Just like many other countries around the world, they are taking away people’s freedoms if they refuse to get vaccinated. Two state governors in Nigeria have barred unvaccinated citizens from attending religious services or having bank access if they are unvaccinated.

The move sounds like a total dictatorial move, but if trends in the United States continue like they are, then ushers in some churches may ask if you have been vaccinated. Maybe next time you’re in the bank to withdraw funds, the person behind the counter will ask for your vaccination records first.

Many of us are waiting for things to get back to normal, but if leaders across the world have their way, things will never go back to the way they were.