Lauren Boebert Slams Democrat Lawmaker for Sleeping with Chinese Spy

GOP Representative Lauren Boebert slammed Democrat lawmaker Eric Swalwell of California for his previous relationship with a suspected Chinese spy.

Boebert made her statement while defending Representative Paul Gosar. Gosar is currently in the process of being censured by Democrats for posting an anime video about AOC.

Boebert, in front of lawmakers, loudly stated Swalwell slept with Chinese spy “Fang Fang,” while being on the House’s Intelligence Committee. She then went on to boldly declare Swalwell slept with the enemy and caused America’s security to be breached.

More on Swalwell’s Fling with a Chinese Spy

The woman Boebert was talking about was Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang. She was a Chinese spy who operated in the Bay Area. Fang Fang started her operation by seducing two mayors in the Midwest, which led her to have political connections all throughout the country.

The most notable person Fang Fang spied on was Democrat lawmaker Eric Swalwell. Fang met Swalwell in 2014 at a fundraiser campaign and the two soon after kindled a romantic relationship with one another.

In 2015, Swalwell was briefed by the FBI and told he should stay away from Fang. The FBI soon started an investigation on Fang, but she quickly fled the country, never to be seen again.

More on How Fang Operated

The FBI stated Fang targeted mayors first because the CCP is well aware a mayor today could be a senator tomorrow. U.S. intelligence officials stated Fang wasn’t the only spy and there could potentially be more.

Fang would lure political leaders by hosting and attending political events in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also attended mayoral conferences and major meetings in states all throughout the country.

At these conferences and meetings, she would go on to spark a fling with a mayor of her choice. Then, once she received his political connections, she would move on.

Once the FBI was on her trail, Fang left America to go back to China. Those who were close to her were shocked and surprised she was a spy. The FBI wasn’t surprised, however.

They had her on a watch list because she raised a red flag when she was touring around the country and meeting up with politicians who were predominately men.

Fang was seen in pictures with other lawmakers such as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Rep. Judy Chu, and former Rep. Mike Honda. American politicians, such as Swalwell, have never been held accountable for their actions.

In fact, they still hold a seat in the House Intelligence Committee. This is bizarre, considering Rep. Gosar is about to lose his seat on a committee for sharing an anime video on Twitter which allegedly showed AOC being physically attacked.