Lebron James Makes Fun of Kyle Rittenhouse for Crying

NBA superstar Lebron James (who always gives his unwanted opinion) took to Twitter, claiming Kyle Rittenhouse was fake crying while he took the stand in a Kenosha courtroom.

James posted a tweet, claiming Rittenhouse was given lemons before testifying, which caused his face to squeeze up as if he was crying.

The 36-year-old’s tweet was met with some backlash; many called out the NBA superstar for criticizing an 18-year-old who was retelling his traumatizing experience.

Countless users on Twitter were quick to call out James; they replied to his viral tweet with pictures of James crying after suffering injuries or losing games.

Sadly, James has a history of always commenting on woke talking points, instead of focusing on the real problems of society.

Twitter Users Quick to Point Out James’ Hypocrisy

Users on Twitter (who are usually quick to call out celebrities on their hypocrisy) criticized James for remaining silent about China’s slave labor.

Users also pointed out James was quiet when NBA player Enes Kanter called out the CCP for committing genocide against the Uyghur and Tibet communities.

Why should James speak out on this? Well, Nike is his sponsor and a sponsor for the NBA has been silent when it comes to human rights violations in China.

Nike and the NBA’s silence stems from the fact they don’t want to lose China’s NBA market, a market that makes Nike and the NBA billions each year.

The Daryl Morey & Lebron James Incident

Last year, former general manager of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, posted on Twitter: ‘Democracy for Hong Kong!’ The tweet sent the CCP in a frenzy and even caused all Houston Rockets games to not be aired.

The Houston Rockets initially brought attraction to citizens of China when they drafted NBA Hall of Famer Yao Ming, who hailed from China. Many pro-democracy protestors hailed Morey as a man of integrity and bravery.

However, NBA player Lebron James publicly stated Morey was uneducated on the current events in China. The comments by James were used as an olive branch to the NBA and China to basically say Morey is an outcast.

It was also meant to send a message confirming the star player of the league stands with communist China and not pro-democracy protestors.

James has not only gotten into confrontations with Morey, but has also gotten into several confrontations with President Trump. Trump previously stated James should just be quiet and play basketball and James didn’t take too kindly to that.

Ever since Trump made that statement, James has been taking digs at Mr. 45 every chance he gets.

It’s clear, at this point, James will only stand up for political situations that benefit large corporations; a guy with his status probably has a publicist telling him when to talk and be quiet.