Los Angeles City Council Votes 13-0 for Vaccination Requirements

The Los Angeles City Council in a 13-0 vote has officially approved a motion that would force people to show vaccination proof before entering public spaces like restaurants, the movies or concerts.

According to Deadline, Council member Mitch O’Farrell (after the vote was finalized) declared that if everyone in the United States and around the world were to be vaccinated, then COVID-19 would be eradicated just like smallpox and polio. The only problem with Martinez’s logic is that COVID-19 can stay in animals as reservoirs whereas smallpox and polio cannot survive in animals.

Mike Feuer who serves as Los Angeles’s city attorney also stated if you don’t have a shot, you won’t have admissions. He went on to tout that unvaccinated people should lose their freedoms, due to the fact they are endangering people’s lives.

California, as a whole, has also issued a mandate that requires all people who are entering a hospital or nursing home to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. The new mandate is absolutely cruel because it could potentially cause family members to be separated from seeing their loved ones at their last moments.

More Details Behind The Los Angeles Vaccine Requirement

The new vaccine mandate is very similar to New York City’s mandate; it goes a step further and forces retail establishments to also require patrons to show proof of their vaccination status. Many resident of Los Angeles are outraged and believe that the City Council is trying to start to segregate vaccinated and unvaccinated residents.

Others are concerned how the new mandate will effect children under 12, due to the fact there isn’t any vaccine on the market. Many parents are concerned the new mandate will isolate children and ostracize them, which could lead to psychological damage.

Many saw this mandate coming, due to the fact the state of California already created a digital QR code that is linked to your vaccination record and can be stored on your phone. The QR Code can be stored on your phone now, but in the future your vaccination record could be stored in your body. Bill Gates in 2019 funded a MIT experiment that placed quantum dot dye below a person’s skin that was able to store vaccination records.

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Bashes Anyone That Doesn’t Comply

In a recent video, the former Governor of California Arnold Scharzenegeer emphatically declared that people who refuse to wear or mask are “shmucks”. He went on to say “screw your freedom” in reference to anybody who refuses to listen to public health officials like Dr. Fauci.

He also compared disobeying CDC recommendations the same as running a traffic light and stated that just as running through a traffic light can kill people, so does disobeying health experts.

Scharzenegger, like most other celebrities, has used his platform to promote vaccines and share liberal talking points regarding COVID-19.