Major NYC Flooding Leaves Seven Dead, Many More Trapped

Hurricane Ida’s path has finally hit the East Coast and caused severe flooding in New York City and New Jersey. According to ABC News, four people have died so far after they were trapped in their basement, due to water coming into their homes and apartments.

Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have declared a state of emergency for NYC and the state of New York, but the warning is too late.

Videos and pictures of subway stations, houses, apartments, busses, and cars being flooded have made their way on Twitter and show the severity of the situation in New York. It appears the situation in New York will get worse before it gets better.

Also, the death toll is expected to rise after officials are able to conduct more intense searches. Just take a look at some of these videos coming out of New York right now:

Many New Yorkers had to evacuate the subway station in order to prevent being swept from a heavy current of floodwater:

Water Making Its Way Via Resident’s Apartments, Homes

Videos not only showed New York City’s subway system and roads being flooded, but several residents of New York also posted videos of their flooded homes.

In one video on Twitter, a group of residents in an apartment were wading through water that was close to three feet deep. Other videos show water bursting through front doors or coming through doggy doors.

The video above shows just how terrifying the situation in New York really is. In the video, the water is bursting into homes and there is no stopping it at all.

Democrats Blame Climate Change for Flooding

Immediately after reports of flooding broke out, Democrat lawmakers, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, took to Twitter to promote the Green New Deal.

Instead of sending her condolences to the families that lost a loved one due to the flooding, AOC immediately used the natural disaster to claim her Green New Deal would have prevented the major flooding in New York.

While the flooding was ongoing, AOC hosted a fundraiser on her Instagram Live for Clinical Access Support Network, an organization in Texas that helps mothers abort their babies. Liberals lauded her for being so “brave” to film an Instagram Live video that helped raised $26,000 during a severe flood.

However, those same liberals made no mention of the police officers and firefighters who were out in the streets rescuing people from drowning. In Louisiana, there have been two reported deaths from flooding caused by Hurricane Ida.

One of those deaths came from an alligator biting a man. In New York, there aren’t any alligators biting people, but there are rats floating which is a major health concern.