Man Freed By Bail Fund Supported By Kamala Harris Arrested For Murder

A bail fund previously supported by Kamala Harris helped free a domestic abuser who has now been arrested for murder. Weeks after being bailed out of jail from this bail fund once backed by Vice President Harris, George Howard is now under arrest for murdering someone.

According to Fox News, Howard was arrested after he allegedly shot a driver on Interstate 94 in Minnesota after an apparent road rage incident. Howard was previously out on bail amid a domestic abuse charge.

He was released by the Minnesota Freedom Fund, an organization that provides bonds for offenders in Minnesota. Kamala Harris has promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund on numerous occasions and even asked her Twitter followers to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Details Behind The Crime

On August 6th, the Minnesota Freedom Fund posted an $11,500 bail for George Howard after he was charged with domestic abuse. Less than a month later, Howard got into an altercation with a 38-year-old named Luis Damian Martinez Ortiz on I-94.

This happened in Minnesota. After both Ortiz and Howard got into a scuffle, Howard shot Ortiz in his chest. Ortiz immediately retreated in his car and was later pronounced dead.

Howard has now been charged with murder, but Ortiz would still be alive today if Kamala Harris didn’t urge her large following to donate millions of dollars to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

After the incident, the Minnesota Freedom Fund went on record saying they are aware their foundation put Howard back onto the streets, but declared everybody innocent until proven guilty.

Kamala Isn’t the Only Democrat Letting Criminals Back On The Street

Reports have broken out that four Guantanamo Bay prisoners (who Obama released in exchange for U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl) now have leadership positions within the Taliban’s newly formed government. The four Taliban miners that were detained in Guantanamo Bay were released in 2014 by Obama.

The names of the Taliban leaders Obama released were Norullah Noori (who will serve as minister of border and tribal affairs), Mohammad Fazl (who will take the position as a deputy defense minister), Khairullah Khairkhwa (who will serve as an information minister), and Abdul Haq Wasiq (who will be the head of the Taliban’s intelligence).

The four Taliban leaders Obama released had a close relationship to top-tier leadership within Al Qaeda. They also formed Islamic-backed coalitions that fought against U.S. troops in the early days of the Afghanistan leaders.

So essentially, men that have American blood on their hands were released at the hands of Obama and now, they will be given honorary positions. At the time Obama made the decision to release the Taliban leaders, many military officials disagreed with the move.

This was the stance of military officials, considering that U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post, which led to him being taken as a captive. To this day, senior military officials within the Pentagon believe the exchange should have never taken place.