Man Who Assassinated Robert F. Kennedy Granted Parole

The man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy has officially been granted parole in the state of California. According to BBC, Sirhan Sirhan, who is now 77 years old, has now been granted parole by a two-person parole board.

His case is also now heading to the governor of California’s desk. So far, Sirhan Sirhan has served a 55-year sentence for assassinating “Bobby” Kennedy inside of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

On June 5, 1968, Sirhan Sirhan, who was 24 years old at the time, fired multiple rounds into Senator Robert Kennedy’s body. President hopeful Robert Kennedy died 26 hours later. Sirhan Sirhan would eventually be sentenced to death, which would later be turned into a life sentence after the Supreme Court’s ruling on capital punishment in 1972.

One Harvard Professor Believes Sirhan Sirhan was Hypnotized

Not everybody believes Sirhan Sirhan was the sole killer of Robert Kennedy; a Harvard professor who spent over 60 hours examining Sirhan Sirhan believes he was hypnotized the night he killed Robert F. Kennedy.

Harvard medical professor Daniel Brown has an extensive background of research regarding hypnosis; he also believes Sirhan isn’t responsible for the killing of Robert Kennedy. Instead, he claims Sirhan was being used by a corrupt criminal organization that wanted to take Kennedy out.

Professor Brown has hypnotized thousands of individuals; he has done hundreds of hours of research on the CIA’s MK Ultra program. Therefore, the professor believes without any doubt that Sirhan was hypnotized the night he killed Kennedy.

During the 60 hours of examining Sirhan, Brown was able to hypnotize Sirhan quite easily; he was even able to make Sirhan stand up as if he was firing at the gun range. Brown says the reason he was able to make Sirhan stand up and act as if he was shooting a gun was that Sirhan was programmed to shoot his .22 revolver at certain commands.

Details About Sirhan Sirhan’s Life Before the Assassination

Sirhan Sirhan was born into a Palestinian Christian family; he also lived a traumatic life, due to the constant violence that he saw between both Israeli and Palestinian neighbors. His oldest brother was even killed due to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict when a Jordanian military truck ran him over to avoid a firefight from Israeli soldiers.

When he was 12, he immigrated to the state of California with his family. When Sirhan reached the age of 20, he was a jockey but soon after, he had a major fall and became unable to perform his duties at the stable; this led to him being fired.

Sirhan never had any real connection to Robert Kennedy but was politically aware of RFK’s pro-Israel stance, which upset Sirhan Sirhan. It will be interesting to see if Governor Gavin Newsom will parole Sirhan. Right now, Newsom is going through a recall election; if he decides to release the killer of Robert F. Kennedy, it will more than likely cause major backlash.